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Ladies - I presume you've all read the book? I'm sorry to read that some of you have been using cornflour on ATTACK - that is NOT ok so the cheesecake recipe is from CRUISE only (and really only once you're well on your way and happy with your weight loss).

The "tolerated" foods are really to help out when you've been at it for a while, boredom might be setting in, or an awkward dinner invitation you need something sweet at the end of to get you through.

Normally, before starting the diet, we'd advise you to at least read the first two phases of the diet to get the gist; get the foods required for your first few days' menus. Reading about not having found oatbran yet having started anyway with the wrong yoghurts too isn't giving your body a chance with this diet.

The first (couple of) time(s) of this diet is such a shock for the body, if done properly, that the weight loss is astounding. Each slip up, however, costs valuable days' loss and motivation can waiver if the loss isn't as fast as you would like.

Please keep away from "low carb syrups". Of course you're free to amend the Dukan diet as you please, but give yourself (and other new people who might follow you) the best chance possible.

Protein... chicken, fish, prawns, lean beef, turkey. Packaged turkey and chicken ham can help out in a crisis but don't make them a regular daily meal as they're full of salt and preservatives and won't help your weight loss long term. Experiment with your own marinades, using FAT FREE fromage frais, quark, and herbs and spices (careful with the mixed ones... they're usually NOT Dukan friendly).

And POST YOUR MENUS in the menu thread... people who've been around the diet a while will advise you, rather than fellow new people telling you what they're doing. Not always the best idea...

Ask before eating! As Dukan says, if it's not on the allowed list, presume it's NOT allowed...
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Well put Jo !!!!!!

Some people seem to have a different book to us nowdays , dont know where they got it but its a cracker !!!! :/
Yes, I read the entire book the night before I started and re-read the attack phase yesterday morning before setting off to tesco.I wouldnt have launched into a diet without knowing the key facts!

Tesco didnt have oatbran so I assumed I was buying the right thing because I had seen Mornflake on here, and I am positive I read that fruit yoghurts are ok as long as you don't eat more than two a day. I do feel like I honestly tried to make well-informed choices when I started yesterday.


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Yes, I read the entire book the night before I started and re-read the attack phase yesterday morning before setting off to tesco.I wouldnt have launched into a diet without knowing the key facts!
Senoritacorazon, I agree, these are easy mistakes to make in the early stages, and you came to the right place to ask advice. Don't feel you are being singled out for criticism.

But I do also appreciate the point made above - this is a very specific diet, with a very generous list of allowed real foods. It really does work best if in the Attack and Cruise phase we stick to that list.

It would be heartbreaking if any one on the board were to invest the time and effort of going through those stages only to find that weight loss stalled completely because they had been happily adding bacon, or fridge-raiders, or atkins bars, or chocolate yogurts because of misreading a thread on the board.

Misunderstanding are common; The most extreme example I ever came across was a "Dukan Blog" by someone who was starting the diet for the second time. On her third day of attack she ate a "Potato Galette" in a cafe (I assume she thought all galettes were equal!) and a handful of honey roast peanuts.


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Good post, Jo! Agree 100%


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And us old timers have spent hours agonising about the yoghurt question in England too, so I really didn't mean to single anyone out... Sorry if you felt that!

The original book is written in French, and the English versions are translations with some updates, and neither is exactly as he says on either of the two official sites I've looked at.

But as Atropos says, while perhaps the odd "wrong" yoghurt mightn't hamper one person's weight loss, another person having more dairy and perhaps convenience packaged foods could find it the straw breaking the camel's back.

I've just come back from England and I saw for myself the minefield you're in. I never did find Quark anywhere! As for cottage cheese, I bought one and enjoyed it (Tesco, value as recommended on here), but nowhere could I find the word "fat free" or even the percentage of fat! So again, not something to OD on... (it's banned over here!)


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I have followed attack for 10 days and am now into cruise. I have done two PV days and this is the second PP day.

I have just purchased the book today. I did a lot of research on the Internet before I started but now I am starting to questions certain items such as Paprika as a spice. Is that allowed? I understand onions are only allowed for flavour and should not be used too much?


** Chief WITCH **
Paprika is fine. Onions are fine in cruise on PV days. Use sparingly for "flavour" only in cruise on PP days. I'd avoid in attack personally.

I know we spoke privately before you started LMS, and it's entirely your choice to do this diet (and to do attack for 10 days - totally OTT in my humble opinion), but you know we think you're aiming very low. But it's your choice, and we've talked about it before, but I'd be sorry to see too many people following you down the 18 BMI path!


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T'would be lovely to see... with a name like yours, it'd be a shame to go the gaunt route :)


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I have written a list of everything he says is allowed on the Attack phase and onions are specifically there as allowed. He says vinegar, spices, herbs, thyme, garlic, parsley, onion, shallots etc are not only allowed by highly recommended.


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I think he also says for flavouring for the onions, like chicken skin, which he says cook chicken in but don't eat.
I have written a list of everything he says is allowed on the Attack phase and onions are specifically there as allowed.
Onion and garlic are allowed in Attack only as a flavouring - so about a level teaspoon, chopped, no more.

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