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new person needing a kick start pls

Hi everyone.

im coming over to atkins, i have lost 6 stone 4lb on slimming world, but feel i need a change of diet.

i have been reading book and your forum for a few days and its a lot to take in.( or im having a blonde moment).

could a kind soul give me a few days simple ideas for meals, so that i can get into diet for now and get into the swing of it at the same time, im so eager you see.

Then i could take it from there and add to it and tweak it as i learn more.

thank you in advance for any help or tips, im trying to take it all in its all so different from my last diet is all.

also can you do the induction phase for more than 2 weeks ? i think the book said you could if you felt ok and were happy to do that. just checking

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hi emma and welcome.
well done on your loss so far!
Have a look in the what we are eating today thread, recipe thread and of course so you are thinking of starting atkins thread (most important) :)


Clean green leafy machine
Morning Emma and welcome

Great loss so far. You will love Atkins! I've stayed on induction since August and am really happy with it. Do as Vicky says, read the threads and it will give you a good steer on what to eat :)

Hi Emma, welcome to Atkins love. I too stayed on Atkins for 6 months. Be a little careful when reading the recipe and what are we eating threads, a few of us are on Atkins Maint, so have a wider choice.

Oh, and be aware there are some real nutters on here as well ;)
lol, im loving this forum already, nutty is good i reackon!i should fit in just fine here :D

thanks for welcomes everyone,Jim thats whats confusing me (doesnt take much), people eating what they do because there on Maintain when im on induction im sure i will get the hang of it.

i have just got back from shops with all my food, ready to start tomorrow morning. looks fab in fridge im really looking forward to this.

can i be dumb and just check that nothing is limited ie eggs/ mayonaise/ etc? obviously with moderation ???

thanks guys x
Mayo has carbs in hon so count it. eggs dont count.
whats on your shopping list im sooo nosey ;)
I did a fairly good (Blush , Blush) intro under the "So your'e thinking of starting Atkins" Emma. I tried to keep it as simple as possible.

On Induction I basically ate, 3 coffee mugs of chopped green leaf veggies a day plus any meat, fish or fowl I wanted, the fattier the better, so cheaper cuts are good. I stuck to plain meat mainly, not processed.

Be careful with sausages, some a very high carb, look at the:


That will help with what to buy and what's cheap.

Good Luck


Clean green leafy machine
Hi Emma

As many eggs as you like - I have 10+ each week.

Re mayo, you need to check the carb content, they can really vary, I use Hellmans full fat mayo, 1.4carbs per 100g.

See how you go with other stuff, I love cheese but found that it stalled me, ditto cream (Jim is the same).

Have fun tomorrow :)


Clean green leafy machine
We crossed again Vicky :)
Re mayo, you need to check the carb content, they can really vary, I use Hellmans full fat mayo, 1.4carbs per 100g
Why dont you get tescos one its only 0.4 i think (or something similar)

yes always cross posting Suz ;)


Clean green leafy machine
Tescos is 1.4 too
Ahhh i think the penny is dropping here!

so you can have daily 20 grams of carbs to use as you wish daily??? on veg or mayonaise etc( will use the easy guide to carbs that some kind soul has done).

but meat and fish and eggs are free!( cheese im not sure on will look it up)

LVLLT i just got basics really when i was shopping...
salmon fillets
mackeral smoked so must check thats ok)
pork chops

if im missing things someone pls shout up its appreciated.

Jim well done you, on the" thinking of starting atkins diet" its a life saver!

can i ask how everyone is doing on atkins or is there a thread i could peak at to see how everyone is doing x
20g carbs per day = 15 of which should come from your veggies
5g for your mayo etc.
cheese 120g per day cream 2 tbsps (thats the new book anyway)
a lot of us have our own threads feel free to have a nose :)

any questions just ask...
most common questions
1) can we really have kebab??? really?
2) Pork scratchings are allowed??? omg!!!
3) after 2 week induction vodka and gin are carb free???

:D :D :D :D
right took all day but could someone check tomorrow out for me let me know im heading in the right direction plsss

breakfast - smoked mackeral with bolied eggs

lunch - chicken with cup full of lettuce and cucumber and some mayonaise

dinner - cheese and mushroom omelette with cup full of lettuce and cucumber and some bacon .spoonfull of mayo

few decaff coffees with single cream in

thanks guys dont know what i would do without your help x
single cream more carby than double hon - double is better.
you have got another mug of leafies to have (but i understand if you have used carbs elsewhere cos I do)
sounds great. are you working, if so, take some extra cheese/meat in case you get peckish.
Oh and lots and lots and lots of water.

Have you always had decaf or just doing it cos of the diet?
When you say cup emma, that a US measure and it's bigger than our cups (Naturally) :sigh: it's the equivalent of a standard coffee mug over here.
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