New pics 8 weeks into CD


Finally...Life begins


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Ajax, I love these pics (and your previous ones too). The way you do the comparison shows it so well!

You're looking fab, and you can see such a difference. You must be so chuffed.

(Must remember to take some week 4 ones this week myself)
Hi Angela it is transformational what you have achieved in 8 weeks!!!

Thanks everyone, I definately recommend taking pics, I do so each week and then compare back. When I took these ones today I looked and said, the only one that looks any different is my side view. That was until I compared them.

Notice how my clothes have become more creased too, LOL thats because my fat isn't smoothing them out like before!!
now THAT is a major difference! And considering you are 2 and a half stone in.. can you imagine the next 2 and a half stone!!!!

You'll be more motivated than ever now I expect ;)

Thats amazing! You look great, keep up the fantastic work xx
Hi Ajax

What a great way of picking yourself up today. The way you have done these pics with the same clothes etc made us wonder if they were airbrushed. The transformation is great!

I particularly like the fact that in the after pics there is a little smile. Look forward to seeing the next lot.

Must try to put some on. We didn't take our own but did go to a wedding week 1 and another mid way so may be able to get some from there.

Thanks for sharing.

Dizzy x
WOW !! what an amazing change - FAB :D
Hi Angela!

You pics are looking great - you can see it really coming off now - you'll be there before you know it.

Thanks for your lovely comments on my photos in the gallery - I felt a million dollars at the Ball but alas since then (ie over the summer hols) I had gained around two stone very quickly (holiday and a couple of weeks major binging:eek: ). I am now back on track but it's a daily battle not to eat but have lost 10lbs this week which was the couple of weeks binge - another 10lbs and I'll be back to pre-holiday weight and then keep at it until target (10.13lbs).

Keep up the good work you are doing really well and the results are so worth it - I felt amazing this summer which I think is why I became a bit complaicent (sp?) and hadn't learnt as much control round food as I thought I had :( - still learning every day.

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