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***New pics added*** Holiday Photos! Road trippen around Northern California

Hi :)

Thought I would post a link to my album with some photos from our road trip and Thanksgiving in California.

Most of them are scenery taken from the car as we drove around. They are all generally within 30 minutes to an hour of where we will be living when we return to California. I see these pics and ask myself why we are down here in the crowded south again?:? Does make me wonder!

Anyway - the one of the giant snow covered mountain at sunset....that is the view from where my front door will be. :)

Family pics at the end are at Thanksgiving.

Hope you don't get bored, but please enjoy!

Have a good night! Off to bed to shake off the last of the jet lag ( hopefully ) as I return to work in the morning. Yuck. :(

Nitey nite! :D

Here';s the link:

Picasa Web Albums - J - Thanksgiving ...#
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i never knew it was so beautiful over there!!
glad you had such a good time
Thanks for looking! It is truly beautiful in Northern California.

Unfortunately, or fortunately mayby (?) only Southern Cal is represented in our <cough cough> TV Programs such as Baywaytch, etc. SO everyone thinks all of California is sunny beaches.

I much prefer the remoteness of Nor Cal - very much like Northern Scotland.

THanks again for looking! :)
Fabulous Blonde. Some real breath taking scenery out there.

And you and your family look lovely and happy as well!

:D xx
Very beautiful bl. Looks like my cuppa T. No neighbors..how lovely.
Your family looked very proud of you
What a beautiful place, you lucky lady :). You look amazing too, can't not comment on that :p.

Emma xXx
The photos are lovely BL, I live in the Highlands of Scotland and it is similar!

Glad you had a great time, its good to have you back.
Your photos are breath taking you really have got an artistic eye
Nice to have you back but i bet your missing hubby
Hi RC and thanks! I do love playing with digital photos. :)

And yeah, I do miss hubby a lot. :( poo-pah. lol - funny though, cause when they are around and under foot ya just want them out of your way, ay? :D

At least I have the cats for company. :)

Hope you are doing well RC! :)

yeah know what you mean about them under foot all the time. Although I find my dog bettter company lol
I'm doing ok still drinking the soup hope to lose 15lbs before xmas it is a struggle I wish i'd have stuck 100% I would have been with you ,Tange & bex etc.... Oh well no good beating myself up I will get there with you all soon
ach! the difference between nor cal and so cal is boundless.

Personaly - I HATE southern california. With the exception of a few nice places (San Diego, Santa Barbara, Del Mar are a few) I never go south unless I absolutely HAVE to.

There are a lot of Californians that would just as soon see the state split into two, as we are completely different animals.

To ANYONE who thinks a trip to Hollywood or Los Angeles is worth te time - please rethink it. Its the armpit of California. HORRIBLE place.

Norcal - beautiful, spacious, clean....just wonderful. :)

Thanks for the compliment LS. :)

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