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New pics...


Guess who's back...?
Right - I thought it was high time I threw some photos at this thing... they are a bit rubbish - I will have to start doing proper self timer, full body ones... but I think these show a slight difference from start to now (start is the last pic, "dancing" with my friend)..

Anyway - not even sure if it worked... I think I put them in an album??! I'm useless finding my way around this site!!

A x
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Wow, you have so well.You look stunning
Beautiful welldone
Slight difference?!! Who are you kidding, you look absolutely amazing!! And you're sooo sooo pretty, a real stunner!! Imagine when you have reached your target what a knockout you will be then!! You should feel proud of yourself Anna, you've done so well. By the way, in the 'before' pic, is that your (spanish? / italian?) boyfriend? ;) xxx


Guess who's back...?
Ha ha ha - only six more posts to go (I think), Guy. Most privaledges open up after 50...

Thanks again everyone for the lovely comments - I don't know what to say! Thank you thank you thank you! I feel well and truly 'stroked', hehe.

Will do some nasty clinical full body shots soon (when I have gathered the nerve).... gulp!

And Sweety - no, Miguel is Mexican, living in Mexico. It's all a bit of a funny one - we've pretty much broken things off over the last couple of months - it's sooo hard being so far apart and I needed more. Having so much fun on the dating scene! Hehe. And why not, I say! ;)

Anyway - thanks y'all - means masses :) xx


Guess who's back...?
It is a bit pants... but then, i've just noticed how many times I have posted and I feel quite ashamed at 236 - do I have no life??! Gulp! Hahaha - actually - I think Blonde has won that one... 4434!! :D:D Just kidding BL ;) xx
Thank you thank you thank you! I feel well and truly 'stroked', hehe.
Anytime u need a stroke... we're here :giggle:LOL

And Sweety - no, Miguel is Mexican, living in Mexico.
Whoops... I thought I had a 50/50 chance of getting that one right, maybe not, eh!!

I'm lagging behind on the posting front... only 162 :( I obviously have too much of a life ;) jst kidding, if I didn't have a part time job & a little person to look after, you probably wouldn't be able to prise me away from this thing!!

Hope you're all having a thrilling Thursday xxx


nearly there!! :)
u look fab xxx

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