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New Propoint products

Has anyone been to the shops lately.

Not sure if this has already been posted, but I went to my local poundlands etc in Romford Essex, and saw loads of crisps (and jam according to my hubby, not 100% on jam) that had pro points on them

There was some different flavours too. Will see when at shops again, I can remember what they are for you guys, but one was some puff type crisps and one (could be the puffs) were spicy tomato flavour.. All were 2pp if I remember correctly..

Not seen any ready meals with new points on, but sure they will be coming to shops around the country soon too?

Again sorry if this has already been posted elsewhere. Off to shops now so keep my eyes open for any other stuff and there points value for you guys...
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Well unless a lot of there meals are over 8pp I could see people eating a hell of a lot for there points (even those on 29) if they just went down the ready prepared way of doing it.

3 packets of crisps and a couple cheese cakes and thats still not even half your points...

At least some of the foods sound a little less boring then before. Even the crisps have been given a little of the wow factor, and not just cracked black pepper, chilly, chicken or cheese flavours..
Tbh i never really buy ww stuff but the cake slices were on offer. I like the tesco light choices rather than the ww ready meals, and ive only ever had the crisps once its not something i really eat. If i did id rather have a packet of skips for 2pp.
I was a little shocked at how low the cake slices were, and i even said to hubby 'guess how big they will be' before i opened them expecting them to be teeny and they are actually a good size(same as mrkipling ones)
The cake slices are surprisingly good, the carrot cake, belgian choc, and the apple crumble ones regularly end up on my trolley....
I noticed the jars of sauces are changing to pp labels instead of discover labels. Doubt it'll be long til the whole lot's on the new design, which will be good.

I've had a couple of the ready meals, and used the calculator on the WW site to check - I was amazed they do often work out about 8 or 9 points on the new system... I could eat 4 lasagnes a day if I wanted!!