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New starer - EE or red/green

Hi there
I followed Sw plan a few years ago lost over 4 stone but stupidly decided to quit. Since then have put it back on and more and need to loose over 10 stone :ashamed0005:. Tried WW for a while but didnt work. So thought I would try SW again but has changed alot since I did it last.
Which mealplan is better for weightloss? (I'am off on my hols in June so need to loose a fair bit before then ) I have signed up online for the minute as unable to go to class. Thankyou Sue x
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It really depends on you. I think it's trial and error as to what works for each person. I do EE, but thats because I love having meat/ potatoes and veg all together, but there are lots of people on here that do either red or green or a combination. Also some people lose better on EE, and some on red/green. It really depends on your body. Think about which one appeals to you the most and try it, and see what your losses are like, if they're not whta you want you can switch to one of the other plans. Or you could do a mix of all 3. It really is up to you.

And Welcome!! :)


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Hi there Sue,

I have talked with my consultant about this and she says they all work! Its a personal choice, however says she follows the original plan as this is what works best for her.

I have decided to follow the red/green days as I did this about 10 years ago and worked for me.

Having talked to some other members at class I think that the red/green method is still seen as the most proven method.

You can always do a mixture of the 3 methods too.

Good luck with your weight loss! :)
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Hi there Sue!

Firstly welcome back to Slimming World - I just rejoined this week so hopefully we will both be posting our successes on here in no time!

I used to prefer Green Days, however I absolutely love the Extra Easy plan. I didn't notice a difference in the rate/amount of weight loss doing EE rather than Green, but I guess others may have found changes? I find it much more flexible, as I am not a big eater, yet my husband is. So when I was on Green days, I was having to cook two seperate meals, as he's not keen on Quorn.etc So now we can compromise by having Green & Red Free Foods together on the same plate - Spag Bol with real mince and pasta, jacket potato with tuna, bacon eggs & beans - I find it much easier to plan my meals and get more variety in...

Hth! xxx
each plan works u just need to find out what one works best for u and your family i lost most of my weight on ee but doing ee u only get 1 hex a and b some like having 2 hex and u need a 3rd of what u eat thew out the day to be fruit or veg on ee :) good luck


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I have lost 4st since Jan on almost soley EE, I did one week of red, just to try it and lost about the same as I do when doing EE.

All the plans work, it's just a personal choice.

I love EE as I can eat so much of everything I just have to remember to eat loads of fruit and veg too, but since I've discovered a love of them it's no great hardship! lol.


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Sue76 - I'm doing SW for the first time. Have been doing it for about 10 weeks (or so). Also doing it online which is working for me, although considering the possibility of trying to go to a class. I have only done EE and love it. It works for me - have lost 29lbs so far, which I'm astounded about. I would be happy to try green and red days but this works and I'm happy so I'm sticking with it.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Gail x

P.S. Shrimpy - love the new profile pic. You look FANTASTIC ! :)
i have only ever done green due to not liking meat that much but it is trial and error to see what suits you
good luck with your journey
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Hi and Welcome, Like the others said they all work and it is down to personal preference but i swear by extra easy. I love it. Good luck on your weight loss journey. Your in the best place here, everyone is so supportive and helpful.


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I don't think there are any hard and fast rules. At our group a lot of people just follow Extra Easy for simplicity - some lose on it some don't (although it might be the extras/syns contributing to this) I've started alternating them so in any given week I try all three of them at least twice. Obviously one of them would be 3 times in a seven day period.

I'm finding variety and trying new things, or things in the past I'd dismissed as boring or tasteless - they taste much better now that my food blinkers are off.

Good luck with shifting the 4st - you've done it once, you'll do it again. Whatever works for you.

All the best, you've took the most important step.



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I usually do EE but over the last couple of weeks have had a couple of green days but losses have been less - first week STS, 2nd week lost 0.5lb. Went back to EE this week and lost 1.5lb. Think I'm going to stick with EE.

Only got 1.5lb to go to target.

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I have never done EE. I have always done green and red and have lost 4 stones.

I think from the varied answers here that all of the plans work.

Experiment for a while and then make your decision.

Welcome to minimins. It is a brilliant place for inspiration and motivation.

I wish you luck with whichever way you decide to go.

if you are a new starter, I definately say do Extra Easy, I see a lot of people get confused when switching from red/green over to extra easy. Where as it is easier to switch to red/green from extra easy, if that makes sense.

The extra easy plan is fab too, and is just as it's name says. Don't try and confuse yourself with the other plans just yet. But thats just my personal opinion :)

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