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  1. 5stonetolose

    5stonetolose Full Member

    hello lipotrimmers :) today was my first day back on the good stuff ;) i have successfully done this diet twice before. first time in 2009 before i went to jamaica for 3 weeks. and then in 2011 i was within a stone of my target and then found out i was pregnant with my 4th baby jobi.

    i did a diary last time and found it really helped writing down the days events. i had my lipotrim buddy mary who was an absolute inspiration to me and will also be joining us in the next few days hopefully.

    when i was pregnant with jobi i really hoped i wouldnt put a load of weight on, at first i didnt but slowly but surely it came on. when id had him i weighed 226lbs and now i weigh 264lbs 21 months later. how does that even happen.

    since ive had him ive tried slimming world, atkins, asdas milkshakes, juice plus calorie counting even lipotrim twice. but on each occasion i knew i wasnt in the right mindset. today on the other hand.....i am feeling it. its time to lose the blubber once and for all.

    i dont want my loss to be unrealistic. id like to be 11 and a half stone. gives me around 7 stone to lose. long slog but i know its doable. i plan on this being the last time. no more babies. i know its always going to be a battle but i feel like half the battle is won at a healthy weight. the other half is keeping it off. so. i plan on updating pretty much every day to keep myself going (and away from the fridge)

    so my official start weight is 264lbs. i will be going on friday to get weighed due to time.

    good luck to everyone starting their lipotrim journey and to everyone else, keep it going xx
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  3. marymcd

    marymcd Full Member

    Aw! Here we go my dear......I know this week will be tough tough tough but I know we can do it.....again :)
  4. 5stonetolose

    5stonetolose Full Member

    yey. your back already. maybe it was written that i facebooked you this morning. seems we both need to sort it out. have you still got some left or are you going to get weighed in the morning. its gone up £9 over here. not impressed. but definitely makes me think i reeeaaalllllyyyy need to keep it off this time.

    yey. here we go hunni. good luck for tomorrow xx
  5. 5stonetolose

    5stonetolose Full Member

    Hellooooooo. Well. Pretty much half way through day 2. Am going to have my second shake soon.

    I woke up this morning with a fuzzy head and eyes. They are very blurry today. I keep feeling nauseous. But I tell myself I'm doing it for the greater good.

    Last time I did lipo properly I used to have to go on the laptop to write my diary. Love how our phones are like little laptops now :)

    How is everyone else doing today? Good I hope. Stick with it newbies. It really works if you do xx
  6. marymcd

    marymcd Full Member

    Hi Kerry. I'm afraid I'm not gonna start till Monday. I actually am going away over the weekend etc so decided best chance for success is to start when I'll be home. Keep going and by next week you'll be inspiring me more than ever. Ignore the tough stuff. Think of the end result. You will be thin!!!!!
  7. 5stonetolose

    5stonetolose Full Member

    Your definitely right to start Monday then. Aww I'll be thinking about you......away.......eating and stuff lol! You'll be in a better frame of mind then. Xx
  8. 5stonetolose

    5stonetolose Full Member

    Day 3 today. Have woken up veeerrryyyyy groggy this morning. Not quite with it. Doesn't help I have 36 very detailed cupcake toppers to do today and I can barely open my eyes. My head is banging and I just had my shake which this morning tasted awwwfffuuuul and full of chemicals :(

    But. This is all part and parcel of lipo and I will cope. I mean. There's people all over the world who are not going to get anything to eat today with no water. And here I am with an uber nutritious milkshake and a fresh bottle of water from the fridge.

    I've had a sneaky peak this morning and have lost half a stone in 2 days which is obviously all water but definitely keeps me on track. Will check ketosis tomorrow.

    1st weigh in tomorrow as I'm not sure I'm going to have time to go next week.

    How is everyone else doing on lipo?
  9. 5stonetolose

    5stonetolose Full Member

    Finding today really hard. On my second milkshake. Can't concentrate aarrgghhh.
  10. marymcd

    marymcd Full Member

    Kerry. Where are you. How are you. I got so busy past couple days. Hope you're hanging in there. Let me know
  11. 5stonetolose

    5stonetolose Full Member

    Hiya Hun. I'm still here. Just been busy. No cakes all week now thenk god. Its been tough. Not gonna lie. My mind has been everywhere since yesterday. Why am I doing this to myself is my favourite one. I feel bones are eyes.... I've even asked spent if he's bothered if I just stay fat. His answer of course was no and that there is just more 'playground' lol! Hmmmmm. But I definitely want to be slimmer....... :(
  12. 5stonetolose

    5stonetolose Full Member

    10 week goal to Ibiza......on our own with no kids may I add :)..... I'd like to lose 3 and a half stone. 4 would be absolutely fantabulous. Is it realistic......mmmmmm......yes. I would then like to come back and finish off with another 4 ish stone. I am absolutely determined to keep it off this time. No babies no excuses. I wholeheartedly know I would have kept it off last time if I hadn't have gotten preggers. But I did. :(

    Feeling determined ;)
  13. marymcd

    marymcd Full Member

    You go girl! I'm so fricking excited for you. So proud of you. Tough week but you're almost at week 1. I'm totally with you in spirit and joining in tomorrow. I'm at a trade fair these past couple days so been so busy but back home tonight. Ibiza will be fabulous!
  14. 5stonetolose

    5stonetolose Full Member

    So. I have decided to weigh as little as possible. I mean like standing on the scales kinda weigh. I usually like to do it every day and have managed to abstain :) so I'm going to try and save my weigh day for as long as possible.

    How is everyone else this morning. Mary. Are you with me today :)
  15. marymcd

    marymcd Full Member

    Hi Kerry. So I came home late last night and my hubby had a breakfast spread especially for me this morning
    I knew he forgot so I didn't have the heart to say anything. My question now is do I start for lunchtime or dinner or leave it till tomorrow. What do you think. I can't believe you haven't weighed yourself. That's amazing in itself. You're gonna get a lovely surprise. Congratulations. I can't say how inspiring you are. Xxxx
  16. 5stonetolose

    5stonetolose Full Member

    Hiya Mary. I'd probably start tomorrow on an empty stomach. i think it hard once youve had food. Its only a day. I'd give up a day for a special brekkie :) I've got a dilemma on Friday. My mum is taking us for a meal because she's going to mexico on Saturday and she wants to see us but doesnt want any washing. But I've not told her because of the amount of times I've stopped and started. So am going to stick with a chicken breast salad :/
  17. 5stonetolose

    5stonetolose Full Member

    Have just done my first bit of exercise. I took the girls swimming. I am now ravenous. Boohoohoohoo :'(
  18. 5stonetolose

    5stonetolose Full Member

    My other half has just had 2 roasted chicken legs and couscous. Oh my god. It smells lovely. My stomache is going mad. I don't think it helps that's I'm still breast feeding :(
  19. marymcd

    marymcd Full Member

    Wow. Don't think I could eat. I have a do on Saturday night with full dinner. Have to figure out excuse to get out of showing up until after dinner is done. How was today for you. My turn to join the initial suffering tomorrow! Wish me luck! You've done brilliantly. You will fly through this. Xxx
  20. 5stonetolose

    5stonetolose Full Member

    It was hard Mary. I'm still starving which I thought would have passed by now but i really think its because I'm still breast feeding. I'm still really fighting with my self. Honestly. If I wasn't going on holiday 10 weeks today, I'd have probably sacked it off by now:( I really hope it's easier for you tomorrow.

    Start with a positive mind. How much do you need to lose. I've got 7st 5lb altogether. I can't believe I've let it get to that. This is the biggest I've ever been and it seems like every time I go back on lipo I'm always a couple of stone more than the time before :((

    Can't wait to hear how you get on tomorrow. I need you Mary. You'll lift my spirits I reckon :)) xx
  21. 5stonetolose

    5stonetolose Full Member

    Well today is the first day of week 2 :). I didn't get weighed this morning. I will get weighed when I'm absolutely desperate to know what I weigh.

    Today I've woken up feeling better. Not hungry. No headache. Well. A little hungry but I k ow I can do this. 10 weeks is nothing. My skin will finally clear up and hopefully I look a little younger like last time.

    Its surprising how old weight can make you look. Last time I lost my weight in 2011 I got asked for ID for a lottery ticket. I had just turned 30. Sweet ;)

    I can't wait to have that feeling back. I also got invited to a 30th last night that's on the 10th may. As much as I won't be mega thin I will have lost at least 3 stone by then and look a bit more "normal".

    Will be swimming again tonight. I'm hoping the little bit of exercise will help with any loose skin. I've never had much but I think baby number 4 ruined me :/

    How's everyone else doing today. Mary. Are you with me today xx

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