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New starter Day1 Here Goes

Have been awake since 5.30 cos for some reason when my stomach thinks its not getting a full english it decides to rumble. LOL.

I'm really excited about starting lt my pharmacist already told me I would feel like I'm dying for the first 3 days and my family would think i've got 3 months pmt all at once. (I like her honesty.) I'm determined to do this especially since she worked out I can be at my Goal weight by my birthday in August.

Would just like a bit of advice as to what time you guys have your shakes, I start work at 9 and finish at 3 to pick kids up but to be honest I'm starvin now (bit overly dramatic I think:)).

Any advice would be great. x
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Hi hun, and good luck for your first day. It is tough for the first few days, but stick to it and you will soon be flying.

As for timing of shakes, it's really up to you hun, there's no hard and fast rule. I usually have one about 11, then about 3 and last one about 6ish, but this is very flexible and sometimes don't have my first one till about 3! x x x
Thanks eclipse, I'm hoping to last til about 10 this morning if I can cos my worse times are in the evening, although I am planning to blitz the house this week to keep my mind off it.


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if it helps the first few days, just make up half a pack each time and then you can have 6 throughout the day x x x


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Drink the water! It will help fill you up and melt the fat away!:D



Finally a size 12!

I usually have mine at 930 then 1230 then 6ish just depends theres no set time. Good Luck with your 1st week! The 3rd or 4th day is the hardest but once your over that its great im on my 7th day 1st weigh in tonight :)

Good Luck xxxxxxxxxx
Good luck with the WI fairy, thanks for the tips. Have started on the water already it does help but havin a right job getting boy ready for school cos been to loo 4 times already:)


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It will be trial and error for a couple of days until you find what time of day will suit you best......me personally I used to get up have cup of black tea (very weak) drop son to school then home for first shake.....the second used to be around 1pm......then would wait as long as possible for the tea time one.......this worked best for me but you will soon settle into a routine.

Good luck and keep us posted on how you get on, don`t forget the water.....drink plenty to help keep you hydrated and help to stave off the headaches......though paracetamol are fine if you get one.


Finally a size 12!
Yeah water water water i also have peppermint tea which is lovely and also helps the breath xx
I have just finished my first week and have had them at different times all week i just waited until i felt hungry then had it ut make sure you drink the water its worth it.
Good luck
Thanks for the support ladies its helping already. Just had my first shake couldn't wait any longer. Had the chocolate one it was gorgeous, how sad am I, lol. Bringon the lunchtime one.
Good Luck On Your First Day! Im Starting Next Monday Am Quite Looking Forward To It (i Think.........)!


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Hi honey! Welcome to the world of LT :) it's a bloody good one! Good luck for the diet!! How you finding your first day? Keeping up the water intake i hope!!xx
Have drunk loads of water and thinking of moving my computer into the bathroom at work:) Not finding it too bad although tummy is starting to rumble a bit. Glad I found this forum because girls at work are not being too supportive all I keep hearing is 'cant you have just a bit of milk in your tea or wouldn't it be better with lemon'. Personally I quite like the black tea which is surprising.

Thanks again for your support, your great on here.


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Lol the toilet thing will get better, your body adjusts to it. As for the rumbly in your tumbly...you'll learn to love it and you'll end up thinking that when it happens that it is all the fat being burned up :) in fact mine is doing a lot of that today!!

Your doing great to ignore all the little comments...after all you'll be the one they all start talking about when they see the pounds dropping off you. So you should be proud of yourself for resisting..just keep it up!!xx


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Hi Jules, welcome to the forum. Get through the first few days...they will be tough, then once ketosis kicks in it will be a lot easier hun. I had my shakes at 10, 3 and 7.

Good luck hun.x


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Course you can make it till dinner...you'll even make it to tea, lol!!

My friend has just started on this 4 days ago...she tried it once before and lasted a total of 3 hours..she has the breaking strain of a kit kat! She only has to have a whiff of food and she's there with a spoon! But this time she's stuck to it 100%..and is on her 5th day! I'm a firm believer that if she can do it...anyone can!

The best bit is...it gets easier! You will find the first few days the hardest...but if you can struggle past those it's almost easy! Yep...i did say easy :p Keeping yourself occupied on here helps a lot too, lol xx

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