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New starter - disappointing start

Hi everyone,

Started LLL two weeks ago so second weigh-in tonight. First week was pretty disappointing tbh. Only lost 1.1lb, although deep into ketosis and thought I'd stuck really closely to the rules. My counsellor suggested drinking more water, so I was intrigued to see a couple of posts on here saying that 5 litres a day make all the difference - wow that's a lot of toilet visits!

Been drinking a lot more this week, making up 1.5 litres of sunshine orange in the fridge to get through each day plus big glugs of water and hot drinks. Fingers crossed for a more encouraging weightloss this week!
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...we're sinking deeper.
Hey! Well done on sticking to it! You need to be patient, the diet works differently with everyone. :)
I chose to do LLLite after doing 10 months of abstinence, and my losses have always been very slow -- I mean if you saw my weekly losses, I think you'd weep! I had periods of 4 weeks where in all that time I had only lost 2lbs (so 0.5 per week...) while sticking RIGIDLY to the rules.
But I know my causes - I have terrible water retention and I just generally do lose weight slowly. Plus, you have to remember - body excrements weigh LOTS too!

I did find, that in the first few weeks of LLLite I went mad with the veggies - there is no 'set' amount precribed in the booklet, so I had the midset that I could have as much as I wanted. ... That really isn't the case. The whole day's intake must not exceed 800-850 calories, so depending on which vegetable you eat - be careful. If I were you, I would weigh the veggies. And the amount of protein prescribed in the book - is A LOT! So try to reduce the portion sizes on those :)

Keep going, compared to abstinence I found Lite a breeze - it fits right into life and you are still 'allowed' to enjoy a sense of normality if invited out or want to eat a meal with the family.

Remember, one day at a time. Set mini goals. We can't rush things - it's worth it to stick it out as long as you need. Can't put a price on health and emotional well-being can we? ;) Plus... there is no hurry. Your whole life still stretches ahead of you. An extra month here - and a more positive and healthy future - well worth it.
Thanks :). Am actually enjoying it, and looking forward to class tonight.

Amazingly I am not minding the alcohol abstinence too much either, I know it's for a purpose.


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Hi K4thy, I started lite on Monday and although I know Im not supposed too I jump on the scales every day & seem to have only lost 2lbs! I feel very dissappointed but think I am comparing it to the full LL which I did last year & lost 10lbs in my 1st week:eek:
Minerva - glad u said that about the protien portion sizes I thought I was getting it wrong!

Good luck tonight, let us know how it goes.


...we're sinking deeper.
ONLY 2lbs? ONLY 1lbs? Ladies!!! Get out of the mindset of ONLYs!! EVERY pound, half pound -whatever- are steps in the right direction...! Our bodies are NOT machines, there is no prescribed about we are "supposed" to lose per week, month etc. It just is how it is. The more you rush the more trouble there will be. Patience is a virtue.

I was a CONSIDERABLY slow loser - dragging behind everyone in group by a good margin - but as a consequence I actually learned more because I had more time to reflect and come to terms with these feelings of ONLYs. At first I noticed very strong urges to throw in the towel, go and binge, whatever, feel sorry for myself at the "only 1 lb" ... Then, I realised it's not constructive. Good things come to those who wait. I actually am pretty damn happy if I lose a pound. That means I am doing something right.

As for the protein portion - the largeness of it gives the opportunity in some cases to split it up between a lunch and a dinner - but the vegetables must not increase with it. Or you can instead, 'bank the calories'! ;)

And please, please do not weigh yourself every day. This is extremely damaging especially that a loss may not register due to water retension (which happens naturally - especially if not enough water is being consumed), clogs 'in the system', and so on. I mean, when I was on a very, very strict calorie intake - my weight could fluctuate by as much as 3 lbs on the morning one day and then the next. 3 lbs loss or gain within a 24 hour period? Hardly possible.

So don't panic, relax, go with the flow. The results will come, slowly but surely. xx


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Thanks Minerva - wise words as ever:D

You mentioned splitting the protien - is it ok to eat a bit of it at lunch with my soup ?


...we're sinking deeper.
Thanks Minerva - wise words as ever:D

You mentioned splitting the protien - is it ok to eat a bit of it at lunch with my soup ?
Personally I didn't, but I did sometimes do that to my vegetables, put a little bit in my soup.

But to be fair, as long as you don't go over the allowed portion size, then why not? It's all the same calories in at the end of the day, and some would say, that smaller calorie portions are better in one sitting.

Have a go, play around and see what feels right for you! :D

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