new starter on LT


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Thanks the the inspiration!!! Came across forum by chance,

5 days in havn't been weighed yet want to lose 5 stones!!!:mad: Havn't been weighed yet have found it very tough so far but i've stuck to it:eek::eek::)

Weigh in after 10 days...........Whoooo!!!!!!
lost 12 pounds. Really Works he he!!! Good luck everyone.

week 1-2 lost 12lbs.
week 2-3 lost 6lbs
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Well done! The first week is the hardest so now you have found this site you will be set! There truly are some inspirational people on here and you will always find the encouragement to get thro the bad days.

Good luck! xx


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Hi kerry and welcome to the mad house!! lol
5 days gone fabulous, weigh in soon and you will see how great LT really is. Good luck and let us know how you get on.


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welcome! :D
the first week is definitely the toughest, but everyone here is brilliant and will always support the best they can!


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Hi and welcome, good luck on your 1st weigh in:)


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welcome! Good job getting through 5 days without posting here, lol. I don't think I could do that :eek: I have -had- take my mind off LT by posting on here!


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Hiya Kerry and welcome aboard!!

It will get sooo much easier!!! good luck xxx


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Hello Kerry,
I am a day behind you (day 4)...this forum is my saviour!! Congratulations on getting to Day're very near completing your first week. x


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Welcome Kerry, and good luck with your WI!!!

Good for you to almost make it through Week 1......

Look forward to getting to know you.
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good luck mrs! you are i for one hell of a ride!! its going to be a lot of fun - you just need to hold tight at the start and then you will be like wowowowowowoow this is soooooooooooooooooooo easy!!!!



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Hi welcome to kerry and Jax. Not long until weigh in and that'll spur you on, brilliant feeling on weigh day......i don't think i've ever said that about being weighed before!!!!!!!!!! Lol. xxx


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Hi Im new to this forum, im starting lipotrim on Wednesday and I cant wait after reading all the posts about this diet, I have been on so many diets since having my kids in the last 16yrs and seem to get no where.
I have fibromyalgia and have had surgery on my back due to disc problems, so i could really do with loosing the weight as I know I will feel so much better.
The support here seems to be outstanding, you are all really supportive ;)

Lisa xxx


5 stone to go!
hey kerrykerry and leeladee welcome! this place is amazing best of luck on your journey..why dont you put yourself down to the feb challenge if your up for it..remember mini goals are the key! and water water water!! x


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Welcome and good luck, just keep focused and you will be fine. This forum is a life saver as there is an answer for almost everything.
Trace xx


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Thanks for the welcome everyone

Thanks for the welcome. First weigh in on Saturday:D

I up for it hope its good news. Great to see i'm not struggling on my own;)