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Good luck, its exciting starting a new diet :) I would like to say its plain sailing after the first week but everyone has their ups and downs at various different points of the diet, you just need to keep positive, draw a line under any naughty moments and move on with a fresh positive attitude. Of course the "ups" are fantastic and its great seeing the weight come off!


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good luck for monday

Im starting tomorrow, so we ll be in the same boat.

be sure and let us know how you are going.

shona xx
All the best for Monday. We are all behind you, you can do it!
Thank you all so much! Wow, this place really does inspire me to try my hardest! Bring on Monday! Well and truly ready for it! ?
Ok, so now on day 3. I've stuck to it and feeling ok. Still very positive. Have been a little hungry at times, but keep saying to myself to keep the end goal in sight. Water has become my new best friend lol


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Hi Andie, I'm on day 5 of Exante, not too bad so far! In fact I know it's only early days but so far it's not been nearly as bad as I thought it would be, just keep drinking your water, have you tried all of the packs yet? The only one I don't like so far is the chicken soup, but I haven't tried the tomato one yet, haven't tried the bars though either. Hope you have a good day, Sarah
Hi Sarah, I've tried all the shakes and one of the bars. Haven't tried any soups yet, not a soup lover. Perhaps in the winter time I'll do the soups. Are you on ketosis yet?


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Hi Andie, first week is definitely the hardest, once you get that first weigh-in done you will feel so inspired!!!

Time will really fly aswell, it seems like yesterday that I started the diet... Once you get used to having the shakes, and drinking the water, everything just becomes second nature :)
Hi Andie, I think I am in ketosis, don't feel hungry, only really felt hungry for the first day or two, feeling ok at the mo :)


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Good luck, I have only done 1 week so far, i found first few days hungry before a shake is due but held out and just countered it with a glass of water.

2nd week I always find hard. just drink your water.

i take my shakes 10am - 2pm - 6pm each day, just breaks it up nicely.


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I totally agree, the later the better in the day.
Hellllloooooooo :eek:

Im thinking about starting Exante on Monday.

I did liptrim in the past and lost 3 stone.

Has anyone else done both and which is better?

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