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Dear all

I have been really inspired and motivated by all the weight losses and success stories posted by MiniMins members here in Lipotrim forum. So I decided to give it a go myself and picked up Lipotrim packs from chemist today :).

I will be surviving on shakes as I am a vegetarian and there are no soups available for vegetarians:(.

My start weight is 15.9 stones (99.5 kg) and I want to loose around 4 stones!

I am looking forward to my weight loss journey and being a member of Lipotrim family. Thank you
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Hi mrsRR..
I am also just starting out. I start 2moro. I've tried Cambridge before and had a few failed attempts but hoping I can finally crack it this time with lipotrim. I have 3-4 stone to lose. Hope you get off to a good start :) x


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Hi and Welcome!!!!

Just to tell you the "chicken" soup is actually vegetarian... amazing I know! Its just the same as some crisps are beef/chic flavour are suitable for vegetarians. It really doesnt taste anything like chicken.... or soup for that matter lol but it is a hot alternative to the shakes.


Determind dieter :D
Come on Niamh those chicken soups are ...erm ...what's the word I'm looking for :( different. Welcome Mrs.RR and Good luck on your journey :D x x x


Determind dieter :D
~hugs Niamh~ hopefully tomorrow will be a better day honey x

Yeah the soups are an acquired taste ...but they do work well when it gets colder at night as something warm to drink instead of just the shakes. Although have to admit I mainly stick to the chocolate shakes with LOTS of ice cubes :D ...goes down a treat ;) x x x
Thank you so much Deezer, Emz.is.shrinkin, Niamh, Pamdev and TrueLeame.

Emz.is.shrinkin we will both make it this time:) I am looking at loosing same amount to.

Thank you for your advice on chicken soup Niamh and Trueleame. I will call my chemist tomorrow as I was told they are not suitable for vegetarians.

I managed to stick to the plan 100% today although cake in fridge was looking at me, I kept thinking of slim me.

I am already looking forward to my first weigh in on Monday. Lol

Thank you for all the support and advice once again lovely ladies.
Yep mrsRR we can definately do it. :) just keep coming on here for help and support as minimins and everyone on it is fab.. Hope u have another good day tomorrow. I collect my packs at 9am 2moro morning so will be starting 2moro. Hope everyone has a great week xxx
I started yesterday and stuck to it 100% even though it was my sons 2nd birthday and his cake was screaming at me to eat it!!!!
I'm currently 18st 4lbs (116kgs) so want to lose about 6 1/2 stone......fingers crossed I can stick to it :)


Determind dieter :D
Carol ..your pretty much in the same boat as Niamh and myself :D ...if you wanna join us on our lipotrim journey feel free :D

The support this site gives is fantastic and makes it soooo much easier to lose the weight that's haunted me for years!

I am currently on day 7 its WI at home tomorrow but official WI is friday at the chemists ;) ...can't wait for 1st WI!

Good Luck ladies x x x
MrsRR, How did you get on with pharmacy and chicken soupgate lol. If you read the back of the bag that your shakes came in and in the top right where it tells you how to make up shakes it says that all products are vegetarian (including Chicken Soup).

Bit ridiculous to call it chicken soup if you ask me if its vegetarian but there you go! They should just call it Soup!

Carol C, Welcome hunny! We are the same weight exactly and only a few days apart from starting! You are spot on about reading electric lilacs diary. I also read it all and it is really inspiring.


i started this morning. went for my consultation and got my bag of 'meals' lol. :D:D so far so good for me. 2 litres down and onto my third bottle now. have had 2 shakes so far. vanilla this morning and chocolate for lunch. gonna try the chicken soup for dinner but i not too hopeful haha. i only got 2 soups incase i dont like them.

when i got weighed i was 13st 12lbs which i was slightly pleased about as was at a slimming club for the past few weeks and never seemed to get under 14stone. so at least im in the 13's :D:

the pharmacist and i had a good long chat and agreed that a good goal weight would be in the 10's so i have made a target of 10st 7lbs. that gives me 47lbs to lose which when i break it down doesnt seem too bad.

i hope all you ladies are having a good week and all the other restarters and starters are hetting through the day okay. onwards and thinwards lol :D:D:D xxxx
I'm on day 2 and although I would love to just be able to eat something I'm sticking with it. I'm a driving instructor so not around food all day which is good although sitting on my backside all day is how I've ended up the weight I am so not so good. when I drive through a high street with loads of takeaways I just put the windows up lol!!
I know it will get easier, especially when I start seeing and feeling the results but feeling hungrier today. Might up the water I'm drinking....what do you all think?
Well just made my chicken soup and....oh dear god that is pure BOKE.!!! so it went down the drain and am now happily sat with a hot chocolate shake instead. :) Kettle was boiled anyway lol.

Thank god I only got 2 soups....phew.!!!

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