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New sub forums


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Hi Everybody,

The dukan diet forum has been growing wonderfully here on MiniMins and I think its about time that we added a few sub forums to help manage the content on here.

So the question is, what sort of forums do you think you need inside the Dukan diet section?

The usual list of sub forums are as follows:

Off Topic
Weekly Weigh In

But of course its not limited to that list.

So let me know and we will think about it.

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would having different heading for each stage of the diet be a help . so the starters know where they are going


Dukan Ancestor!!
Yes that's a good idea: Attack, Cruise (PP and PV), Consolidation and Stabilisation would be good headings. Recipes? then we can post those individually rather than stick them all in one huge thread? And comments are attached to the recipe they belong to.
One for the diaries, definitely. Then it's easier to find for each concerned so they don't get lost in the general 'chatty' threads on the main forum.

Maybe sticky the weekly weigh-in thread too for easy access as that one affects us all? No need to create a new one, there is one here somewhere.

Tried and tested tips for all the little blips that go with the diet - no weight-loss despite sticking religiously to the diet, constipation, Dukan-friendly cold/flu/illness remedies, what to eat when craving something forbidden, etc.

Thank you - great idea!
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Really like the idea of subforums for each stage, and a general one for recipes.
We could then have a weigh in thread at each stage - well the first 2.
I dont mind if diaries are separate or in the stage of the person writing.
how about a naughty thread all on its own where you can go and put your cavings too lol


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From what I can gather, you have 4 stages:


This would apply not only to recipes, but to diaries.

To simplify and not create 8 forums, I can add tags which you can then TAG your thread and as you progress through the diet you can update this tag rather than needing a moderator to move it around.

So the tags(with those colors.. if they are wrong tell me!) you need are:

Cruise - PP
Cruise - PC

I have already created a Diary Section and Recipes.

I also think you want an FAQ forum? Then the main "Dukan Diet" forum becomes a general query forum.

How does that sound?

also is anyone else getting annoyed/confused with the fact daily chat isn't with the diaries.... i keep having to go back to the main thread to find it....It's sorta like a diary anyway.... the group diary! :)

I keep having to back button it to find it again :) or else I'm missing stuff while I'm keeping up with the member diaries during the day x


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The redirects are expiring so people know where to find them, they have expired now.

Yes, new sub forums, always seem difficult at first but trust me, they will grow on you. If you didn't have this problem you'd lose it on a 2nd page as it goes deeper, at least this way its more likely to stay towards the top of one forum so its easier to find.

Also no reason why you cant have say 3 tabs open... that way you can have one for the main/general forum, one for diaries and one for recipes!


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