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New SW member *hello*

hello, i remember you from the ww section i think, i've just restarted sw after doing it about 8 years ago, and am really enjoying it, and yes you do need to use them!!
Good luck,hope it works well for you
So far I've had:

Two eggs, mushrooms and a slice of toast (wholemeal) (HE)

A bag of Ryveta Minis (HE)
Milk (HE)

Pasta, tomato, lettuce, celery and an egg

I accidentally bought Vinaigrette full fat 4.5 Syns
A bite of bacon 0.5 Syns

Dinner will be jacket spud, salad, onion with Mozarella (HE)
Hi Hun and welcome to SW and minimins!
You can have the option of 2 HeA's and 2 HeB's if you want, but I prefer to have just the 1 HeA.
You must have 2 HeB's though.

I hope this makes sense?!

Good luck with your SW journey!!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
This is a green day yes? Then you could add some baked beans to your tea, the potato and salad wouldn't be enough for me. Exactly how many diets have you done? Just out of curiosity?
Lol I pretend to be on a diet most of the time but I think I'm in denial as to why they don't work.

I lost my first 1.5 stone on the Cambridge Diet, I then moved onto Slim Fast, then Weight Watchers, then the Atkins Diet, back to the Cambridge Diet, and finally onto Slimming World.

I know it sounds a bit odd but 6 weeks on CD was enough to kick off 1.5 st. And it taught me a lot about my relationship with food. I had to try something else though as CD was getting expensive. I couldn't keep to Slim Fast and The Atkins made me ill, and so on.

And right now I have a huge craving for chocolate!!!!
If you know you're likely to get a craving for something sweet, maybe a good B choice for HE would be the Alpen light bars. You can have 2 of any of the flavoured bars for one HeB. I find that a chocolate fudge one with cup of tea just hits the spot.

Or dark chocolate highlights with a banana is a good sweet fix.

Anyway - good luck. This is more of a 'healthy way of eating' than a diet. You might be surprised at how much you're supposed to eat.

hello im new too!

and i tried those alpen bars - really scrummy and ive been tucking into Galaxy Hot Chocolate Bliss, dried which is 3½ just finished one now, and after what i have eaten today i feel like i have eaten a horse!
Hi welcome to the forums, sw is a fab eating plan so I'm sure you will enjoy it. Check out the recepie threads and the menus to get some hints and tips on what folk eat. Good luck
Thanks Cara, and all of you!

Well today I've had:

B - Banana x2 (small) 57g toast (HE) plus jam = 1 syn

L - 1 Muller light and an apple, plus a corn on the cob

S - 2 Alpen lights (HE), 5 laughing cow cheeses (HE)

D - Rice with courgette, carrot, peas, cannaloti beans mixed with curry paste = 4 syns

S - 4 Macademia nuts = 2 syns, Milk for tea (HE)

Syns = 7
HE = 4
Veg/Fruit 7

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