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New to atkins...

Im currently on CS but have been reading this forum with interest.
I know you guys are super suportive and with CS im already using atkins bars and eating low carb/carb free food.

The only thing i am wondering about is during the induction(Iv just read Jims great thread) can you use the atkins shakes and bars which i just assume are the same as the CS ones.

I want to do something that is more long term ie. more of a lifestyle change...

I really hope you guys can help me

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Alway see the love x
Hi Hunni. Your so rite, we are super suportive of 1 and other.... I luff them all ...

Im not too hot on The Celebrity Slim so cant really say, hunni...

Im sure some1 will be along soon

Woofy X
thank for the reply =] x and i really do hope someone can help!
I will, iv been reading Jims posts and his transformation in those photos are completely amazing!
thank youuuuuu =]
Hi kels and welcome love, please feel free to ask any questions, no matter how daft your think they are.


Happy to be slim at last
Welcome to the Atkins board IGTBKA!

Sorry, I don't know about the Atkins bars and shakes either, however on the Atkins website, it includes them on induction. Some people find they make them stall or have the runs with them though, so go careful!

Oh and yes, we are very friendly and supportive bunch here!

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
welcome hunnie ,
thank you all for the lovely warm reception!

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
oooh warm we are ..... completely and uterly nuts , yes !!!! but definatley warm , think its the medication :0) ...or cld just be the happy ketones :0)
i think probally the medication hehe lol

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
oh yes i dont doubt that youre right :0) but we wld be sooo boring else LOL
iv just ordered a low carb cook book off amazon and im going to get the prober atkins book at the weekend

may aswell do it properly
hehe i feel like im on meds sometimes i just like acting crazy!

Like you said it aint any fun been boring
Hello and welcome!
I don't know about CS but I have protein shakes for brekkie most days and I really love them. tHE BARS GIVE ME THE RUNS SO I DAREN'T HAVE THEM- iTS A SHAME REALLY COS THEY ARE DIVINE!
Whoops sorry about the caps lock!

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