New to Dukan with a question or two.


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Hey All!

Just wanted to say hi! :wave_cry: I'm new to this part of the site (just started Dukan last Monday with 6day Attack and 1st day of Cruise down) but not new to the site. I have tried Lipotrim before with the usual intial success/ultimate failure story. My personal trainer suggested Dukan to me and so far I'm loving it!
I've lost 7.4lb since Monday, 2.2lb more than the Dukan website predicted :D and I'm super chuffed! Only problem I'm having so far is lack of fibre. Any tricks anyone can share?
I've got roughly 25 weeks of the Cruise phase in front of me, though I'd love to hit my goal in 19weeks. Anything I should definitely steer clear of or towards to help aid weight loss? I've 49lbs to my target so a loss of 2.5lbs a week would be perfect for me :)
I'm looking forward to being back on Minimins and to hitting my target on the nose this time!
Wish me luck! And good luck to everyone!
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Hey there. Well done on starting Dukan. You will.not be disappointed. As for fibre. Your on cruise now. So you can have veg every other day. And remember to eat your 2tbsp of oat bran a day. Also on veg days you can have unlimited amounts if rhubarb which is great. And get plenty of water in you. Good luck xxx


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S: 10st12.8lb C: 10st0.8lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 24.9 Loss: 0st12lb(7.85%)
Yes I know, It fab with sweetener and some yoghurt. On pp days its a tolerated food and only 100g is aloud. Yum :) also. A tbsp custard is a tolerated food so rhubarb and custard is lovely, what more do we need ay :p xx (check out the tolerated foods on the FAQ )


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Make sure you have lots of green stuff on your pv days. You can also add wheatbran as a tolerated item, good for adding into muffin or gallete recipes to make more.

Well done on a brilliant start.