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hello all,

I am in need of inspiration, i tend to cook the same 7-8 meals evry week and changing from my habit is going to be hard especially as im new to dukan.
So im making myself a meal planner for my attack stage that im going to stick to .
monday, chicken
tuesday prawns etc.

but can anybody just give me some advice or some recipes and ideas that might help me get through this a bit easier.
also any tips for the galette???

thanks all xx
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Not very good at this!
Hi, and welcome. Try looking on the recipe thread - you may get some ideas there. I am heartily sick of chicken, but a lot of us experiment with yoghurt based marinades, which help.

I love my oatbran but prefer to make mine into little sweet or savoury muffins, or little biscuits.
Lean minced beef is also a good standby as you can do a lot with that. I sometimes stirfry chicken (you can use herbs, spices or even season with a very small amount of onion) and wrap that in a galette to make a kind of tortilla. To accompany it, I make a fat-free fromage frais and chive dip.

You can cook the mince using a low-salt or low-fat (if you can find them) stock cube with water, herbs and perhaps a very small amount of onion, too.

I hate fish, so I'm afraid I can't give you any tips on using that.

Eggs are wonderful things also! You can make omelettes, scrambled egg, poached egg, even dry-fried egg (if you have a very non-stick pan). You can even bake eggs in the oven. Again, add some herbs to give them a bit more flavour.

You can put together homemade burgers. I use 500g lean minced beef (makes 4 large burgers), mixed with an egg yolk, some oat or wheat bran (as per allowance), plus a couple of very small chopped gherkins. These are very nice in a galette instead of a bread bun.

There are loads of other recipes on the recipe thread and in the Dukan book. I also sometimes do an internet search as quite a few sites have Dukan-friendly recipes.

One of my favourites from the book is the meatloaf. I half the recipe as it makes loads! I use 600g lean minced beef, half a finely chopped onion, a beaten egg and 2 tblsp fat free fromage frais mixed together. You put half in a loaf tin, then arrange slices of 1 boiled egg on top. Finally, you top it off with the remaining mince mixture, pressing down firmly. It goes into a 180 C oven for an hour. Remember to pour off the fat and leave it to rest for a few mins before slicing and serving. I find that it gives 4 servings.
brilliant thank you , the more i can do with mince the better as i also have a gastric band and find it very difficult to eat chicken !
Welcome both!

If you have trouble with chicken, maybe mincing it would make it easier to eat, then use in burgers, etc.

Eggs are definitely my saviour - eaten at least every other day. Tinned tuna is good as a standby (I even curry it on PV days - tastes fine).

Definitely read through the stickies for recipes ideas and keep the book to hand so that you can keep checking!
hay all,

well i was so excited after reading the book i kinda started yesterday and thismorning just under 2 lb in 1 day?! WOW

I got the oat bran and just put it in the jogurt thismorning... it was ok,

1 lt of water down & a coffee, just going to make sure i only have a couple tonight and then say my offical start is tomorrow.

loving this site... found it on an app! very impressed

lisa :)


** Chief WITCH **
brilliant thank you , the more i can do with mince the better as i also have a gastric band and find it very difficult to eat chicken !
How is it going Milkybar? I see you have a gastric band and I was wondering whether you'd checked with your medical people that it was OK for you to do this sort of diet?

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