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New to site, Day 16 today.....

Hello fellow dukaneers

Came across the site a couple of days ago and realise I now need it for support!

I'm day 16 today and did 7 days attack, now on cruise.

Been feeling slightly downhearted as I lost 13.5lb in the first week and only a 1lb in week two.

But I figure you can't lose a stone so quicky then expect it to keep dropping off but it still feels a bit disheartening.

I mistakenly ate carrot battons on Monday afternoon whilst sat and my desk, then look at the list again yesterday and realised they aren't allowed - whoops.

I don't eat red meat so my diet is restricted to chicken (with virtually every meal), eggs (I think I may start clucking soon!) and poached salmon. But I don't feel hungry.

I've tried WW and SW in the past but they give me too much freedom, the restrictions seem to be better for me.

Happy dukaning to you all :)
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Hello there and welcome. Congratulations on your first stone lost! As you say, you can't expect things to continue at that pace, but if you post some menus, we might have some ideas for you.

As for only eating chicken and eggs, that's a shame! Perhaps you'll become more adventurous in time. Even if you don't want to eat red meat, perhaps fish? Do you cook?

Carrots are fine on PV days...

So tell us more - what are you eating?

And welcome
Hey Mardybum, don't get disheartened, some of the first week's loss was undoubtedly water but the second week's 1lb was 1lb of actual fat!!! Every lb you lose from now on you'll know it's fat and not water and that's a great feeling because it's true weight loss. Maybe you could try something like Tofu as well as maybe the fish as suggested by Maintainer? Variety is the spice of life after all and I think it helps you to stick to the diet if you're not getting bored by your recipes x Best of luck this week!
Hello and welcome :)

A few more recs for you MardyBum:-
- Turkey (usually cheaper to buy than chicken)
- Turkey mince for making burgers and meatballs
- Quorn chicken style pieces (an acquired taste but I really enjoy them)

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