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new to sw and told to have 10syns?


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Hello again, i postd for first time yesterday and had my first weigh in lst night - lost 2lb yipee however we have been told 10syns per day? i double checked last night and she said yes stick to 10 sys, if you go over one day that is ok? just wondered why she would say that as going by the posts everyone is having 15?
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I suspect your consultant is saying 10 a day in case you miscalculate the syns so there is a bit of leeway. The SW book does actually say 5-15 syns per day but I've seen quite a few posts where the C has said 10. I usually have 15 most days, and some weeks I don't use them daily I have up to 105 syns a week.



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Might also be, the consultant did SW years ago, when it was 10 per day..... and some, go by how their losses were, and what worked for them, they want you to succeed as much as you do :)

I generally use most of mine on days 1 - 3 (usually on beer :beer8: on a Friday night ) and then cut back until WI... I do count them all, even if it is unhappy reading, but do have between 70 - 100 per week, normally saving a few ( 10-15) for after WI

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My consultant tells the women they can have up to 15, but the men are allowed upto 20!


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Different consultants say different things, which is always helpful! Mine says between 5 and 15 with an average of 10 a day. I tend to have anywhere from 80-100 a week and still lose, so I'll carry on til I don't! 1 syn is equal to 20 calories, so dont' worry if you go over by one!


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Our consultant says 10 and I try to stick to this. It gives a bit of leeway then if something unexpected happens or you fancy something a bit extra one night. Also can cover those hidden syns we forget to count sometimes.


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we are told between 8 -12 a day - and not to have them weekly to avoid 'the saving up of syns' trap.....our C is always telling us off for overspending syns and then recouping Mon-Thurs! x


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thanks very much everyone, i will stick to what i have been told for now. So far i have only used them for treats but i imagin when i am craving corn flakes i will use them for different food groups x
I go to 2 different groups with working shifts etc and my main group says 10 tops and other one says upto 15 1 says we can save them thru the week other said has to be done daily so i think its a case of what has worked for them in past and more importantly what works for us, we are doing a super 7 challenge this week 7 500mls of water,7 extra mins of exercise,7 speed foods and no more than 7 syns a day the syns this low ive struggled with most as i usually have a curly wurly a day which is 6 syns hardly anything left over for extras in recipes, i dont know which is best but i do 10 syns a day but have 70 weekly and use more over weekends definetely...


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My consultant says to think about it as if everytime you weigh in, she gives you seventy syns to put in your back pocket. You can use these throughout the week at anytime you want (e.g. all in one night, ten a day or not at all).


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I've had between 80-90 the past 3 weeks and lost 6.5lb, much more than I used to lose before on strictly under 70. Just see what works for you x


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My consultant said we could have between 5-15, but to aim for 10 which I think is good because if you go slightly over you are still in the right range. In terms of saving them up, she told us this was ok as long as we were the type of person who was disciplined enough to stick to it. She told us that some people intend to save them for a weekend blow-out but then can't resist snacking all week and then still have a weekend treat. I personally have been using only 3-6 a day and saving the excess for the weekend so I can relax a bit more and enjoy some wine :)

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