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New to SW:) - Oldie to all other diets :(

Hi ,
This is about my 3rd different weightloss diary thread on minimins :eek:( I have tried LL CD and now SW all over the period of 2005 to now and apart from loosing a few pounds in between i am now 3 stone more than i was when i first joined LL.
Ok so i want to loose 11 stone but i am at a stage in my life now where it isnt a choice anymore.... i have to ooose this weight or i am going to have serious health issues and even fatal ones. Its scarey to look at my mortality and look at that piece of cheese and think they are linked...well for the first time in many years, my head is in the right place. I have lost 6&1/2 stone with ww when i was in my late teens. 7 and 1/2 with RC in my early 20's.
i had limited success with ll and cd ss as i felt so ill on it and came off of it after 4 weeks, it just didnt suit me. gutted and totally downhearted i gave up..i literally would skulk in here and look at the people who had succeeded where i had failed and that summed up how i felt about myself in general. I have a loving hubby and 3 wonderful kids but my time and everything i did was for them, my attention on making them happy and vicariously because they were happy i would be happy. I wasnt happy though, becoming more and more reclusive, i found more and more excuses to not go out in public as i would get looked at and laughed at and spoken about. I was ashamed of myself and mortified for for my kids having to deal with that. i had such terrible things happen... i went to have my eyes tested and i ended up breaking the electronic chair, sitting there whilst this man tried to manfully get the chair to operate with its engines squeeling in disgust...i didnt hang around for my glasses... another humiliation to add to the list of things that plague me now.
I dont get it, i am inteligent, and fairly articulate so why have i done this to myself...and not only done it to myself, but have done it repeatedly and worst of all am in danger of making my children the same way...what an aweful mother to do that to her kids?
Anyway a friend joined sw and raved about it, i thought i would give it a go and so i joined. The first week i was so strict and ate only salad and chicken no carbs etc, expecting a nice start to my new me i went to weigh in all optomistic, that lasted only untill i got on the scales..1/2 lb !!! how could i eat as little as what i had and only loose 1/2 lb? My group leader looked at my diet and told me that my problem was that i wasnt eating enough and didnt trust the programme. She was right of course having spent my life watching everything that passed my lips with either joy or disgust, made me clamp my ideas shut on what and how i was going to loose weight. I agreed to try and the following week i tried to follow the program, i had bacon and eggs, pastea jacket potatos etc etc, fully expecting to have pout on 2 lb i was amazed to have lost 3 & 1/2 and this week i have lost a further 3 & 1/2 lb so 7&1/2 in 3 weeks which i am more than happy with because i do not see what i am doing as dieting, i feel like this is something i can be happy doing for the rest of my life and that means more to me than anything. I want to start living again instead of watching other people live theirs.
Thank you if you took the time to read this, though i knowhow hard it is sometimes to read about others struggles, i would love to get to know some fellow sw people to share ideas etc with on the pc as well as at my group.
Hugs Gemsxx
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Hi Gems, could've written that myself. Totally know where you're coming from on lots of levels. Got 3 kids and 3 grandkids (oh and hubby too) who are my world but dont do anything for me cos i hide behind my weight and haven't got the confidence. Messed about with other diets too but rejoined sw on monday and am gonna do this. Well done on your fab losses. Hope i do half as well. Keep going. This is our time!! x


Plodding on.......
Hi Gems,

Welcome to SW. I can also identify with some of what you say. Have a read around other people's diaries here and you'll find the same in reverse. That's what makes this such a great place to be because you'll always find someone else who feels the same way.

Well done for such a frank and honest post. I am so impressed that you stuck it out for a second and third week having had such a disappointing first week. But you did and look at where you are now :)

This won't always be an easy journey but I hope that some of it is for you and wish you all the very best. See you around.

Gail x
thanks for the ind words of support.
It has been a hectic week but a fine one as far as SW is concernerded. I had a meal out today..i admit i was a bit scared about it, but i think it went ok. I had a salad to start and they had no fat vinigrette which was a bonus. then i had a chargrilled gammon steak with peas and pineapple and new potatoes. and coffee for afters with semi skimmed milk...the waitress thought i was being nutty when i asked to have it with that instead of the cream that it usually came with...lol so all in all sorted.
Have been looking at holiibobs to florida for november next year and i am feeling even more positive now as i feel that i will be a better size and weight to be able to go and enjoy all the rides etc that i want to.
Weigh in Tuesday so will post then.
Hope you all have a great week.
hugs Gemsxx


Pea on legs!
Hi Gems, and welcome to SW!

I can relate to a lot of what you said too - but you can do something about it! As you've already realised, SW is a plan for life and, more importantly, a plan that actually fits around your real life (which for me, a VLCD, or a meal replacement diet can't do!)

Well done on your losses over your first 3 weeks, and here's to lots more!
Hi Spankx,
thanks for chatting...lol i agree this really honestly seems to suit me...i dont crave anything and i know that what i am eating is healthy and wholesome and i have stopped stressing about getting this weight off of me in the quickest time possible..now it is ok ..slowly slowly catchey monkey :eek:)
Hugs Gemsxx
Hi Clara lou,
thanks for that, just needed to get that off my chest was almost a cleansing rant...in this short time i am a different person to what i was then...amazing. Thanks for reading.
Hope you all have a fab week.
Hugs Gemsxx
Hi Gems. Just wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow and let you know i lost 6 1/2 lbs today. So happy. Let us know how it goes xx
Lin...wtg you go girl thats fantastic stuff ******
You should be happy hun thats amazing.
Thanks for the good Luck wishes Clara Lou.
Well i am pleased as punch coz i lost 5 lb this week woo hoo...
so it was
wk1=.5 lb:(
wk2=3.5 lb
wk3=3.5 lb
wk4=5 lb

Thanks for the encouragement, i cant tell you what it means.
Hugs to you all
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Thanks Clara Lou..i was really pleased, though i didnt think i did anything different this week to last...my bodies lost the plot..lol
Hope you have a good week hun.
Hugs Gemsxx


Plodding on.......
WOW. What a fantastic loss. I'm so happy for you :)

Gail x
Woodland girl said:
So encouraging to hear how well you are all doing! Keep up the great attitude. Must admit my attitude is great and my losses right now are not!!
Hi woodland girl
Keep at it. We all have weeks like that. Next week your loss will catch up with your great attitude
So encouraging to hear how well you are all doing! Keep up the great attitude. Must admit my attitude is great and my losses right now are not!!
aww sweetie, i know what you mean, but the fact that we are still there trying means that as you say we are not putting on and what we are putting in our bodies is all healthy stuff.
Keep at it hun...
keep us posted on how you go this week. Here if you need a rant and a celebration :)
Hugs Gemsxx:grouphugg:

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