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new to this :)

Hi everyone :wavey:

Well im back to minimims, previously done ww and sw umpteen times but totally fed up countin points and syns so im reverting to good ole healthy eating, little and often and exercising (bootcamp twice a week and walking to and from work roughly 4 miles a day in total) i started yesterday and getting on fine, iv lost 8.5lb already myself which im chuffed with, will be weighin myself every Monday morning :D

Iv also decided that if i want something I will have it and i am not goin to deny myself anything as when i start doin that thats when i end up binge eating. Im usin the “everything in moderation” quote :D I will keep a food diary on here and hope u can all point out if i am not doin something right. I was startin to obsess where food is concerned and i am not doin that anymore as it is not good! I was writing everythin down and typing everythin up that i was eatin! Now i will jus post it on here :D

Look forward to talkin to u all :D


Breakfast – chopped pineapple & strawberries

Snack – handful of pistachio nuts

Lunch – batchelors leek & potato cup a soup, 2 rice cakes with Philadelphia light with ham & tomato, ww tomato & basil puffs

Snack – harvest chewee cereal bar & grapes

Dinner – bowl of homemade sunshine soup, small crusty bap, wholemeal pitta bread with tbsp chilli mayo side salad & bacon

Snack – milky way & 1 digestive


Breakfast – strawberries, pineapple & grapes & pistachio nuts

Snack – 2 digestives

Lunch – small crusty roll filled with tuna peppers and onion, batchelors leek & potato cup a soup, ww tomato & basil puffs

Snack – orange

Dinner - Chill con carne with boiled rice (extra lean mince) & 2 slices of garlic bread

Snack – Small baguette with sliced banana, club orange biscuit

(ate slightly too much bread today but all in all still a goodish day :))
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hi christie, your menus sound good so far, not depriving yourself which is good. i am the same, having done slimming world twice with no long term success. i am now looking for a way of life i can maintain which is enjoyable.:)
Thank u girls i was just so fed up of “diets” so just eatin as sensible as i can :D hope ur all doin good :D

Today food diary


Breakfast – bowl of cheerios with semi skimmed milk

Snack – 2 small dairy milk biscuits (only 75 cals each and yummy :D)

Lunch – small baguette with egg mayo & peppers, packet of tayto cheese & onion (couldn’t resist)

Snack – 5 toffee bon bons (woops)

Dinner – 4 slice of pizza with salami n jalepenos, taco dip

snack - handful of doritos, small jam & coconut bun

(not a good day! well started of good then went bad :( but back to it 2day!)
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Well yesterday ended badly! Was good until it came to dinner time and then went haywire, iv wrote it in my food diary so u can lol but these things happen, we all need treats, not goin to best myself up about it, back to it today :D


Breakfast – bowl of cheerios with semi skimmed milk

Snack – dairylea dunkers

Lunch – small baguette with tuna, peppers & onion, leek & potato cup a soup (batchelors) neo valley organic strawberry yoghurt, packet of tayto advantage crisps

Snack – orange

Dinner – chicken & pasta mixed with low fat mushroom condensed soup & sweetcorn

Snack – slice of toast & a banana

(exercise -1 hour of bootcamp :D)
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don't get it? where's the haywire bit? :)
oh yeah! i see it now! glad you're feeling reinspired again.:)
welcome Christie looks like your on the right track x x