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New to WW

I am due to go to WW on Monday evening. I have done many diets in the past, but never done WW. I am kind of aware of the points system, but other than that I don't really know what to expect. :help2:
I was a member of SW many years ago, and I loved that diet. I remember the leader used to always say that she was always hungry on WW???
Having read up on WW it seems to be more realistic than other diets, and helps to change your eating habits in the long run. At least that is what I'm hoping for.
Does anybody have any beginners tips for me? Much appreciated :flowers:
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Hiya Gingercake! Well done on having made the decision to switch! Its a hard thing to do when the temptation is to stay with what you know, even when it isn't working for you. I did SW for years too and started WW earlier this year, also having heard lots of negativity about the points system. Don't worry about a thing! The plan is simple, fab and it really works!! My tip for your first week would be to fill in your tracker with as much detail on it as possible (weights, points, brands etc) then keep them for future reference. Also, invest in a points calculator and take it everywhere with you. They're easy to use and accurate - worth their weight in gold!
Good luck with your start on Monday - it'll be the beginning of a whole new you!!! xxxx
Hi good luck hun
Every plan has its bad points and every plan has its good points,what the trick is to find the plan thats best for you.
WW well at times you will be hungry as your burning fat off taking less calories in than whats going out will now and again cause hunger,this will happen with all plans SW included.
I think the worse thing for most of us is the mental hunger,when we arent tum hungry we just want to eat for enjoyment pleasure comfort binge socially etc,its learning how not to this is where support is parimount to success and strong willpower which we all have (the latter) I am in month 6 on ww and TBH if I was hungry all the time I wouldnt be on it after all these months like so many of us here.
Tip if you have a day or two off plan then just get back on it yoyoing is the worst thing I spent 22 years doing that.
Good luck and enjoy your journey and remember use your points for filling foods that way you will stay fuller longer :) x
I was a member of SW many years ago, and I loved that diet. I remember the leader used to always say that she was always hungry on WW???
To be fair, as a SW consultant shes hardly likely to sing the praises of 'the opposition' ;)

If she was hungry then she wasnt using her points properly. In all the time I did WW I was NEVER hungry

Good luck
:welcome: My best tip is to make 0pt soup - I have it every day for lunch (with a pitta bread or something). I find it really fills me up. I also eat a lot of free veggies. Good Luck :)
Thanks for all the tips. I am looking forward to strating it now. I always tend to stick to these things for two weeks or so and then go back to how I used to eat. Hopefully the classes will encourage me to continue on and when I do fall off the wagon to just get back on. :)