New to xenical


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S: 20st13lb C: 18st5lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 40.2 Loss: 2st8lb(12.29%)
Hi , just started xenical at the begin of the week after starting to suffer my health from being overweight.

I have always been overweight and it has never really bothered me but when you start doing simple relatively non strenuous tasks and get out of breath i knew it was time to change!!!

So here goes , will draw from support on here as there seems to be may insperational members to help along the way. :grouphugg:
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cos i need this xxx
S: 20st8.5lb C: 19st3lb G: 10st8.5lb BMI: 40.9 Loss: 1st5.5lb(6.76%)
hiya! you'll get loads of support on here - we all in the same boat :D
i did really well on xenical, i lost 3 stne quite quickly - i was 16 t 4 then went down to 13 st 5 , then my son got ill and i had to take a break from i. the hospital convenience food and lack of exercise meant i put on 2 st but im back on track now and going to start back on xenical as soon as i can get out to the docs :) just dont eat cheesey pasta on xenical lol - that was the one that gave me baaad side effects :( i chanced my luck and didnt take a tablet but the orlistat in my system alreadt went for it!
well i have a food diary in the weight loss diaries section and im finding that a great outlet - come look and gimme feedback! it always helps! and maybe consider making your own diary? its nice to see the support you get on here!

anyways much love and best of luck to you - we all here to support you :*



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S: 232lb C: 179.8lb G: 140lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 52.2lb(22.5%)
Helllooooo and welcome!!

im sure you will meet loads of people in the same boat, and get loads of inspitation from them (as i do) and you will have a laugh along the way.... (mainly at Kae's things that come out her mouth!!!)

good luck with your weight loss, and make sure you keep posting.. we all love to know how things are going with each other.


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Hello and welcome! Good luck in your weight loss you'll do great! xx


starting again!
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Hiya, good luck on your journey. This is a great forum, very supportive and lots of inspiration too.


Mostly harmless
S: 21st0lb C: 13st7lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 7st7lb(35.71%)
Welcome Eric!

Good luck on your weight loss!! :)


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S: 20st13lb C: 18st5lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 40.2 Loss: 2st8lb(12.29%)
Thanx guys!!!


gunna be a fatty for ever
S: 17st4lb C: 16st7lb G: 14st3lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 0st11lb(4.55%)
(mainly at Kae's things that come out her mouth!!!)


as long as things are going goin gin my mouth i dont mind:17729: haha

welcome to minis and our little xenical family! post lots an the rest will fall into place!

If you need any help please do ask!

love katieX