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New User Needing CD Friends!!!

New to Cambridge!!!!

Hi there, I have been doing CD for six days now and have lost 8 pounds, am feeling loads better too, less tired, less bloated and less fat. I'm so pleased with the results but every time I tell anyone I'm on it they think I am mad and tell me I'm going to get poorly, or put all the weight back on when I start to eat again, now theres confidence for you!!! I shall ignore them and battle on, I have just over two stone to lose, can anyone tell me how long that will take!!! I'm hoping to get it off before my wedding in August!!! Who wants to be a fat bride??? I'd love to hear from other CD users so I have some one who I can go through this with.!! My email is [email protected]. Be great to talk to someone else who's in the same boat.

Clairebear XXX
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S: 16st6lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st4lb Loss: 1st7lb(9.13%)
HI Clairebear

Don't listen to other people just think about being a slim gorgeous bride on your wedding day. All eyes will be on you.

I'm pretty sure you will have 2 stone off before August - they say you can lose 1 stone per month. Are you SS? I'm on day 5 on SS and so far haven't found that sense of wellbeing yet but hopefully it will come.

Would really like to be CD friends. Take each day at a time and we will get to our goal.

Andrea x:hug99:
It took a while, but really don't feel hungry anymore apart from last thing at night!! I have my first weigh in tomo, but have been weighing myself every morning, bit sad I know, but it is amazing to see the weight dropping off!! How do you get a chart at the bottom of your message, bit new to this forum lark!!
S: 16st6lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st4lb Loss: 1st7lb(9.13%)
Hi Claire

Just click on my ticker and then it takes you to a website where you put your own information in and then paste it all into your signature strip within your minimins account. Clear as mud I bet. Do you want to keep in touch via this site or through email? My email address is [email protected]. Hope to hear from you soon, Andrea xx


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Ill be your friend :D hehe

Mrs Depp

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S: 12st4lb C: 10st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st11lb(14.53%)
Hi Clairbear,

You're doing great on CD losing 8lbs in 6 days!! Fantastic! keep up the water and you'll soon be a slim bride!

There are loads of people on here who will gladly give you all the help you need and you can count me as a friend too if you want:D
You'll have to be careful though cos I might try and steal your sexy husband he he!! Thanks for your reply, ace to see I'm not the only one depriving myself of food for the sake of being thin!!! It's like a prison sentence lol!!!
I can well imagine, what a lucky lady!!!! bet he loves the new you!!! You've lost loads, congrats!!


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Hi :D

8lbs is a fab loss :D :D You must be really pleased!! You'll definitely be a slinky bride :D Everyone on here is so lovely and so so supportive, they will definitely help you reach your goal in time :)



i love minimins me :)

clairebear nice to meet u :) u will have the 2 stone off in no time, ur doing really really well, i am on day 4 now, and hoping to feel as happy and full of energy as u soon :)

good luck and keep posting xxx
getting married on 18th of August!! It's so nice to talk to lots of other people in the same boat!! Good luck everyone!! XXX
Hiya! I will be your friend, as I am getting married in the near distant future too (which is why I am doing this diet too!).

I am also on week one, but I have between 5.5 and 7 stone to lose!! Big struggle.....
Hi notsotrim...
Whens your wedding? How do you feel on the diet? I feel really well, I'm so supprised, you would think you'd feel fairly rough not eating and all that!! I have an ambition to get in a pair of size ten jean.....wow wouldn't that be ace!!!
Hi stephanie,

All these people in the same boat, it's good to knoe your not the only one straving yourself for the sake of looking good in a dress!! You have about the same amount as me to lose!! Good luck. I'm still figuring out how to get myself one of those charts that show your weight, I may master that one before I reach target lol.
Hi can i make it a 3rd bride to be? i'm on day 6 of cd and so far so good slipped up on sunday but thats all forgotten now! I'm getting married on 11th Aug and want to loss about 3 stone I was 13s 4Lbs last thurs start date. i dont have scales at home so first weight in tomorrow and hopefully it will be a nice suprise (fingers crossed) x x

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