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ProPoints New WW start 32 PP a day


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Hi, I have joined from sw after loosing 0.5lb in 5 weeks ! i lost 1.5 stone last year on WW so have rejoined and am back in the game !!

I thought i would start a food diary to help me as i dont have the online tools till next week and need to get my head around the propoints so ANY help / comments are appriciated.

Wed 02/03/11

Breakfast = 7
2x weetabix (3)
Milk allowance for the day SS (4)
Banana (0)

Lunch = 8
Subway salad - Ham and turkey No Cheese LF Mayo(5)
Apple (0)
Walkers Baked crisps(3)

Dinner = 17
WW Bolognese al forno (9)
Cabbage (0)
Garlic bread slice x 2 (6)
Mullerlight (2)

Total daily used 32
Total weekly used 0

Weekly remaining 49
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Breakfast = 7
2x weetabix (3)
Milk for the day (4)

Lunch = 8
Subway salad bowl - no cheese (5)
Walkers baked crisps (3)
Fruit selection

Dinner= 16
WW meatballs and spaghetti (10)
2x garlic bread (6)
Fruit for desert

had 2 crispy wings from OH plate !! pointed them same as KFC just to be safe !
6 points

5 from weeklt allowance - 44 remaining


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Breakfast = 7
2x ww bread (2)
2 x egg (4) - dry fried
Skimmed milk (1)

Lunch = 7
1.5TBSP Houmous ww bread (7)

Dinner = 14
ww meatballs (10)
cheese dippers (4)

had a peice of DP pizza !! OOps (10)


5 taken from weekly 39 remaining !


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Ate like a pig today !!!

Breafkast = 2
Skimmed milk for coffee (2)

Lunch = 5
ham and cheese sarnie ( all LF and WW) (5)

Snack = 4
LF Houmous (2) Ryvita thins (2)

Dinner= 15
Homemade LF lasagne (13)
1 garlic bread (2)
Salad (0)

Snack = 9
Milkyway (3)
Fruit with WW yoghurt (1)
1/2 a choc cupcake (5)


3 from weeklies 36 remaining


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Hi Lou ...just noticed on your diary which is fab that you've pointed the ww bread as 2 it's actually 3 when you have 2 slices (this caught me out) it's because ww have done away with 1/2 points so the points are now rounded up or down so when you have 2 or more of anything double check ...it really is a good idea to get the calc and work everything out as you go along to double check ..it gives you the option of multiplying the points xx

Hope this made sense and good luck x

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hi and thanks, i saw a thread this morning about this, i'll re adjust so i'm not over in future.. bloomin ww they used to put on the packet of bread how many 2 slices were i thought cos they hadn't on the new ones that it was just 1 per slice ! oops xx thanks xx


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Yeah it's a pain I really don't know why they didn't stick with half points would have been easier for us all x

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Hi all,

went to the park yesterday with my little boy, ended up having half his ice cream ( only 1/2 a scoop) and about 5 of his chips !!! Oops

Breakfast = 9
Egg on toast (7)
Skimmed milk for the day (2)

Dinner = 4
LF Houmous = 2
2x ryvita thins = 2

Tea = 16
Pork Loin (7)
WW mash (4)
2x mini york puds (3)
Gravy (2)
lots of Veg (0)

Fruit (0)

= 29/32, but adding 5 for the chips and ice cream

34/32 - 2 from weeklies

But accounting for the chips and ice cream


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aw thanks hun, i try not to have too many ww meals as they bore me and i end up cooking 3different meals posting todays so far

Breakfast = 7
Crumpet x2 (5)
Jam and LF butter (2)

Lunch = 6
Ham (1)
LF Cheese (2)
Melba toast n phili (3) - literally a slither and 2 toasts
beetroot (0)
picked onion (0)

Dinner = 8
WW mince beef, veg and potato (5)
Veg (0)
2x mini york pudding (3)

21/32 so far, will prob edit with a ww yoghurt later..

weigh in tomorrow so keeping it low, and had a massice walk around the park and woods with my little lad.. he fell asleep at 5.30 and i doubt i'll be that far behind him !!
Good luck for tomorrow Lou, your food diary does sound really good!! xx


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ah thanks hun, after sw anything over 0.5lb loss will be an achievement xxxx


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woo hoo i lost 5lb this week !:D:D:D so very pleased as for the last month on sw i've not lost nearly any of that !!!! my daily allowance has gone down to 31 now ! :eek:



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my naughty diary for today !! OOps

still under points but not exactly healthy !

ProPoints™ Tracker entries

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

1/4 pint(s) Milk, Skimmed1

1 portion(s) Chips, Home Made, Thick Cut, Fried5
3/4 individual Double Chocolate Muffin10

4 serving(s) Shake to Bake Pancake Mix9
4 teaspoons Nutella3

used28Food ProPoints
values remaining3


Silver Member

ProPoints™ Tracker entries

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

2 biscuit(s) Weetabix3
1/2 pint(s) Milk, Semi Skimmed4

6 slice(s) Melba Toast2
1 1/2 serving(s) Eat Smart Reduced Medium Fat Soft Cheese2
1 portion(s) Salad Vegetables with a ProPoints value of Zero0
1 pack(s) French Fries, Cheese & Onion2

saujsage pasta - Quick-added food12
2 oz Freefrom Free From Garlic & Coriander Naan Breads4
1 portion(s) Salad Vegetables with a ProPoints value of Zero0

Any Time2 square(s) Chocolate, Milk2

Food ProPoints values total used31
Food ProPoints values remaining0
0 of my weeklies used !!

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