New Year, New me. 40lbs To Lose


Hi, i'm Julie. I went from 200lbs to 170lbs ant the end of last year and after a break over christmas and new year i'm finally going to get this last bit of weight off. Me and my 7 month old son are moving into out own place on the 17th which will help alot as my mum is abit of a chocaholic and temptation is always there! My goal weight is 130lbs and i plan on getting down to this by eating a set meal plan and execricising 6 days a week. I'm going to used the wiifit for 40 mins each morning and then use my exercise bike for 30 mins each night.
My diet plan will consist of having a yoghurt for my breakfast, half tin of beans or 2 scrambled egg whites and 1 slice of wholemeal bread for dinner, a weightwatcher meal for my tea, and snackajacks if i get a little peckish.
Hopefully i will be able to stay focused and with it being the new year its always a good thing x
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Heya hun, best of luck with your dieting!

Just wanted to make a point: there is no fruit/veg in your mealplan - this is worrying as eating plenty of fresh, raw fruit and veg is key to weightloss AND your health. If you're not getting any, you risk your health and also ae likely to find your weightloss is not as fast.

What is the total calorie content of your mealplan? It sounds very low and if you are exercising you'll need to eat enough to protect your body. I'd say about 1200 cals at least!!

You should also be wary of the weightwatchers ready meals - I would suggest things like stirfrys and meals that are quick to make from scratch. The reason for this is that the ready meals have lots of additives, and also a LOT of salt/sugar is added compared to the homemade versions. If you find with your littl'un that you struggle to find time to cook, there are plenty of quick, easy to make, meals out there:

- stir fry
- fish with salad/veg
- chicken with herbs or spices and salad/veg

to name but a few.

Please have a think about it hun xxx


will beat the bulge!!
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Well done on your previous weight loss and good luck on your next journey of getting the last bit off :)