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new year, new start for sabina and totty!

about time too!!! lol
my weigh in is on a friday.
started on the 2nd jan and lost 4 in week 1.
been away on a residential (course) weekend so think put most of that back on but i dont mind. Back on track today and aim for this week is to get back to Fridays weight if that makes sense. So on my ticker im expecting a 0lbs loss this week but thats only cos i know i put on over the weekend. Lets wait and see....
so do you weigh in tomorrow?


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yep weigh in tomorrow :innocent0001:

hopefully will have lost 1lb...thats what i am aiming for!

i have given up alcohol until my birthday (which is good for me as christmas kinda went past in a blur of alcohol and food :beer8:) :D...which is in march :bestwishes: wooohooo!

fingers crossed!

good luck with yours....be good this week :copon: lol x x x x


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I did it mate...i got my 1lb loss :woohoo:

aiming for the same next week...isnt any reason why i shouldnt :bliss:
i think a 1lb a week is sensible. youre more likely to keep it off. well done on meeting this weeks goal. mine is to be 12st 3lb when i weigh in on friday again. anything lower is a bonus. my gym membership ran out too and still deciding whether to go back. considering starting salsa instead and doing more social stuff. keep posting.
anyone can join us georgiestar.
Totty i weigh myself tomorrow morning and hoping ive managed to get back down to 12st 13 like weigh in last week. we truly were fed too much at the residential weekend!! Glad you like the pic. Is your pic you?
Will weigh in and update tomorrow.
I have my big interview for studentship next wednesday so dreading it. Goin well so far since Monday on diet front but tomorrow will tell.
2lbs this week


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well done mate!!!! keep it up!!!! :happy036:

i dont think i have lost this week...i have trained SO hard i will be surprised if i havent gained a little :D (yeah it is me...it was taken summer last year)

you goin for the same next week??...2lb loss?
yes i think so
that would mean i can sneak back under 12 stone again
wow - great picture


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not a good weekend for me so far.....massive sugar cravings :wave_cry:...i have been trying to keep mysself out the fridge by occupying myself at the gym....but its TOTM :break_diet:

so not bothering to weigh in this week :wave_cry:
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awwww - dem dam hormones!!!
see i prefer weighing in on a friday morning as allows for any slips ups over weekend to be rectified. dont worry. lets see what tuesdays weigh in bring.


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a slip up so early on in the year :break_diet:

i will have some serious gym work to do :eek:
dont beat yourself up too much. just start over and get focused. Im going out with mum on wednesday night and not had too great a weekend so im aiming to stay the same this week plus im pmt too which really doesnt help.
just trying to get more fruit into diet this week.
good luck with weigh in tuesday
hey you
good luck for your weigh in today. I might not be on for a couple of days as mega busy. diets not happening this week but will still weigh in on friday and see what damage ive caused and start afresh once again from saturday. As long as we always remember to start again we will be okay. Have scary interview tomorrow so will keep u posted.


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Hi hun

I weighed in on tuesday, and put 1lb on :wave_cry:

oh well, i had a great weekend, but am back on track now!!! aiming for a 2lb loss next week!! :)

good luck with your weigh in friday x
as long as we keep remembering to pik ourselves up we will get to goal in the end. not expecting any loss this week. but thats ok for now. will post on here wen i weigh in.
hi, I might join you, thanks for the invite, just a bit on edge because I'm getting to the weight I was stuck on last august ,and then after 2 weeks I stayed the same weight, and I gave up the diet and gym, just hope that this time will be better.

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