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Hi all, hope your all good and coping without Jonathan Ross and 8 out of 10 cats on this dull Friday night!

Just started the Lipotrim today, was easy enough to cope with expecting day 3/4 to be the tuffest? Didn't have no shakes turned all 3 powders into mouse's.

I didn't get weighed within the chemist today, so don't know my starting weight to scared to measure myself on the Wii Sports.I am gueesing I will be weighed next week.

My main worry about this diet is that it's a 425 cal a day, but as I go the gym I burn this many cals in a session will this have any side effects to the diet? (Forgot to ask the chemist this)

Thanksss Charl! xx
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Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi and welcome Charl

Firstly, cant believe the chemist hasnt weighed you? This is part of the LT program and they shoudl have done. How will you know how much you have lost this week...the first week is so important because it really does spur you on to the next week.

I think you need to take the plunge and weigh yourself...you have taken the decision to do LT, so I think you should take the bulls by the horn and go for it! It is best to know...no point being in denial to be honest.

Once you get into ketosis you will be ok but till that point you will no doubt experience headaches and maybe slight dizziness.

Good luck with your LT journey and keep posting...but do weigh yourself or you will never know your starting point.

Take care
I know I'll have to hit it tomorrow! Hopefully not break it harr ha
This 1st week seems to be the week you loose the most weight looking
around this forum.
I see you did 12 week's (Thats brill by the way, no milk in your cuppas what a killer) What week did your food cravings stop?


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Charl

Go for it girl...yes, you do lose the most in the first week, that is why I think it is so important for you to know what your start weight is....

Oh gosh, I cant remember exactly, but I know I had terrible hunger pangs until around Wk 7...although the worst time for me was Wk3/4 and I had a blip! I didnt have any craving, but I ate,,,and honestly, that is what geared me up and then I didnt have any food cravings at all.

I actually enjoyed the shakes to be honest and liked the fact I wasnt bloated all the time.

I was on for 12 weeks, and I am on my 2nd week of refeed as I am off to Turkey for 18 next Friday. I will come back on TFR in September as I want to get to my ultimate goal of around 9 stone.

I am not particularly enjoying eating...I did the first few days, but not now, as the bloated feeling is back, even after almost 3 and a half stone :-( hahah......but I still feel a million dollars!

Keep with it and I do hope you do well. Just keep coming on here...this forum is an absolute life saver!
you need to weigh yourself to keep up your motivation - what if you lost 14lb and didn't even know it - !!! even 5 or 6 lb is off forever - so do it - weigh yourself, at least you'll have a benchmark then.

ps. my food cravings still come and go, depends on my mood entirely - but they don't last and usually go with a glass of water.

Good luck. x
Turkey I just came back from there, food is lovely there and cheap! To hot for me came back and peeled lost all my bloody tan :(

Yer am determined to stick at it, am a size 18 now and about 5'6 it's my mums wedding on 19th sep am hoping I may be a size 16 by then! Just keep the image in my head for a bit of willpower


Life is not a Rehersal!
Oh I know..I love Turkey...my husband is Turkish, so it is like my second home...I would move there in a heart beat, but he loves it here! He is more British than Turkish now.

It is hot at the minute...we usually go a little later in the year, so I am not sure how I will deal with the heat...it is around 37 at the min!!

19th Sept...that is 4 week isnt it....well, I reckon you can do it. I started off as a size 18/20 and I am not in size 14s...and that is only 12 weeks, so I reckon you should do it. You have got to keep that in your mind, but it is certainly achievable for you.

You will find that you buy something in one size and then a few weeks later they are too big. I have never bought so many clothes from a charity shop in my life, as I only got a few weeks out of them and they were too big!

Really excited for you.....you will do it; just remember to keep your goal in your mind when things get tough..cause they will get tough now and again!

I think the longer you do TFR the easier it becomes and it then becomes such a big part of you. I am missing having 3 shakes a day and look forward to my brekkie one every day during refeed!!!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Eh - that's what we are all here for..remember, we have been at Day 1 too, which is good, cause we can give you the benefit of our experience.


Take care...wont be on this weekend, off to Glasgow tomorrow, but do hope your first weekend is ok...if you need to,,,,jump into bed as you may get a few headaches, etc......just do what your body wants..and dont push yourself, if possible!

take care

I weigh at home. I do weigh in at the pharmacy but started a week before they weighed me so I stick to my home weigh in. I suppose it works for me as I know I am a 'scales hopper' and will weigh in at home for the rest of my life!

The only thing aobut your wonderful workouts (how do you do it??) is that you might be burning more than you take in and force you body out of ketosis and into starvation mode.

My opinion; I'd ensure I had all my shakes and that my fluids were up around the 4-4.5l mark rather than nearer the minimum of 2l but you prob already do that as a gym bunny. Also, if you start to feel tired, stop, stop halfway through a work out if neccessary; dont overtire yourself. My 1st week I woke every morning feeling like I had been to the gym!!!!!!!! I used to walk 2 miles a day before LT and stopped when I started LT, I still had weight loss although my activity was NO-WHERE near yours.

You dont state your height and I know you dont know your weight, these are important to gauge how well you are doing......... HOWEVER if you regularly go to the gym you may well be heavier than the regular 'lazy' person (me) as you will have more muscle. One of my collegues commented on my weight as he is heavier but the body fat level is way lower as she runs.. I bought a set of scales that gave me my weight, BMI, body fat weight, fat %, and H2O levels. It may be something to consider for you being an athelete.

LT is amazing, it has liberated me... Another 12lb to go.......

Good luck and keep with the forum, its the best motivator!

(Sorry for the long post)
Hey oh once I get in the gym I think I must get my moneys worth so stay in there that's my only tip hehe, I bloody hate it so maybe this diet could even give me a excuse to lessen my routine wahooo !

Am around 5'5 and size 18! I will have to jump on the Wii sports and get a weight tomorrrow. Can't wait to get down to that 14 size river island here I comeee

LOL... I know that feeling, thank God I get mine free with my Uni!! I think I have been 10 times in the last year but prob more cos my boys nag me to take them swimming!!! Still got tocheck out if they have vibro/power plates........naughty me!

My Wii sports makes me 1/2lb lighter than my scales!!! I bought my scales from Argos, cheap enough and give me all my info!

Just thought I'd say welcome & good luck with your first week! I would suggest you weigh yourself, as the first week is generally the biggest loss & can drive you on! I weigh at home as my Pharmacy doesn't do it.

I think if you're in the habit of going to the gym it's probably not as bad as suddenly starting when on the diet. But maybe ask your pharmacy or gym staff about what's appropriate.

Good luck!!


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