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newbie alert!!!

hello :wave_cry:

im trying to conceive our first bubba and have polycistic ovaries therefore trying to lose a bit of weight. Well, i say a 'bit' im just over 16st and want to lose around 5st.

How the hell do i do it? I have IBS which causes no end of probs, my pcos doesnt help my weight issue and im just feeling a bit low.

My addiction has been the fizzy drinks, ive slowly weaned myself off of the full fat ones and have lost 4lb in 3 weeks. I thought Id lose more :(

Help me guys!!!!!!

Theres so much stuff on here i dont know where to start!!!!
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Hi, and welcome :)

You'll find loads of ideas on diets on here, there are lots to choose from. I'm doing plain old calorie counting, and so far it's done me very well. I've being watching what I eat for the past 5-ish weeks and lost 18lbs so far. You can do it if you are really serious about it, that's the key. Before this I was only doing it in a half bothered way and I never went anywhere.

Well done on losing 4lbs, that's a great start! I know with you having PCOS it'll be tougher for you to lose weight, but is there any medication the doctor could give you to help??

I'd suggest having a wee look around the different boards, I'm sure loads of people will be happy to answer any questions you have. That might help you find a diet that suits you and your lifestyle. Maybe try asking on the pregnancy section too, I'm sure there'll be people on there who've dealt with PCOS, and they'll be far better equipped to advise on that than I am!

Best of luck, hope you get on well and keep posting :)
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I have had IBS for about 20 years.

It is least painful when I follow a sensible calorie counted diet. I feel really well and have loads of energy.

I do best on little and often with food. 3 small meals and 3 small snacks evenly spaced out over the day. I avoid anything 'scratchy' eg bran, wholemeal bread.

Personally, fizzy drinks would cripple me up, both the 'full fat' and the diet types. IBS is such an individual condition.

Wishing you all the best.
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Hi, i was diagnosed with pcos a few years ago, i am now a mummy to a 7 month old so don't ever lose hope. I would suggest following a calorie controlled diet as the pp said, if you need to go and speak to your dr and ask for help, they should be able to give you some advice about what is best to do. I have managed to lose weight through weight watchers in the past and slimming world, i am now on the cambridge diet only day 3 but surviving!! I don't have any experience with IBS but i hope you manage to find a plan that suits you and good luck with ttc.xx
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Not sure if you're already on it but I've heard Metformin can help conceive for pcos sufferers, might be worth asking your doc if you're not?

Can have the side effect of helping to lose weight too (though for me I think it helps as if I forget one the next one I take makes me feel too icky to eat :rolleyes:)
thankyou so much for taking the time to reply. Im going to have a go at that Omega1 and see how I get on. I didnt realise about refined carbs. Me and oh were doing the 'sandwich diet' lol but now i realise thats probably the very thing putting the weight on!!

I lost half a st in a month but since put 2lb back on. Im not giving up though, I want my little one :)

Thankyou so much xxx


Is a loser! ;-)
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Hiya! I have PCOS too, and i want to conceive so much! But at the minute i weigh over 20stone and it isnt going to happen. I am on Lipotrim at the minute and although it is an extreme diet it is still healthy as you are getting all your nutriants, I lost 8lbs in 5 days, and i hope i get more off this week. It really does work.
Good luck hun whatever you decide to do and keep us posted on your progress.
hi good luck on your weight loss, i have pcos too i have a 5 month old baby girl.
i was 16st 4lb when i got pregnant and a smoker so i kind of had everything against me! i lost a baby 4 years before and it took all that time to get pregnant again but i wasnt trying at the time.
i think the thing im trying to say is try to remain stress free, dont put too much pressure on yourself and im sure it will happen!
good luck to all with pcos and conceiving it can be difficult but not impossible x

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