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newbie! day 2!


im on day 2, not finding it toooo bad, have bad headaches though since starting it yesterday.

had choc shake this morning and my god i nearly hurled.. any advice?

i think im doing ok, just feel sicky but i know this will pass! trying to keep positive!!!!

how much do people usually lose in their first week?

Thanks :):family2:
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I'll try that thank u so much!

I'm struggling I'm so hungry n not having next supplement till bout 6/7 eek :(
I am not fond of the choc shake either. I have it hot with a sweetner which is pleasent :)
Goodluck on your journey.
Thank uuu! I shall try it hot :) how much water do u guys use? Cx

I've just had the Tom soup n ergh lol! Had half n thrown rest! I suppose it's a case of trial n error isn't it x
I only use the shakes and bars. I love soup but only home made. I would like to try them but don't want to end up with a cupboard full of stuff I hate. Mind you if I'm ravenously hungry everything eventually tasted pretty good after a while! :rolleyes:
Ooo may try that thanks ally!!!

That's how I am Cus I cudnt eat the soup I'm now ravenous!!! Especially as partners tea is cooking :( what do u do wen ur like this? Sorry about all the qs this is my first vlcd xxx
This is my first too! Remember why I are here. Distracted yourself. Drink lots of water. I find it is better when I make the tea for OH and kids, I find I'm in control. I'm into my third week now and honestly, the first is the hardest. It jus becomes a way off life. Why did you choose this diet? X
Because I've tried sw n sf n nothing worked, I found losing weight very difficult, I'm maid of honour next yr n don't want to be a 'fatty' and I also want to be healthy n happy for my. Kids, I needed something to teach self control n has results xxx
Aww thank u x I've just had a large black coffee n not feeling so bad now!!!

So glad I joined this site! I nearly had a lapse already but I can do this :D
Drink the water DP, helps with the headaches. At least 2-3L.
Thanks Hun! Yeh I've been drinking loads, think I need to take share out with Andrex lol!!! Does black coffee count towards it or does it need to be plain?

I'm feeling positive tonight, I was starving between 4-8 then it was like it went and I wasn't bothered at all :) x

How do you know when your in ketosis?
If you have stuck to it 100% by day 3 or 4 you will be in Ketosis.
You may get a metallic taste in your mouth and bad breath. You might feel cold especially your hands and feet.
You might feel less hungry but you must have all 3 packs in a day.
Black coffee is fine plus have a look on here for other drinks you can have. xx

Fantastic thank u! Well tomorrow is day 3 so hoping I may feel that lil but better bout it! Just keeping my goal in mind x

Thank u I'll check that out x

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