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Newbie diary - on green days

Hello all!
I'd really appreciate your wisdom if you have time to read my diary as I am just getting my head around the whole Slimming World thing. I started on Tuesday 7 July, lost 1lb in my first week.
My weigh ins are on Tuesday evenings.

Green day:
B: Muller light
2 x wholemeal toast from 400g loaf
2 laughing cow lights (from healthy extra A - leaving 3 to snack on later)

L: Jacket potato, beans and salad

D: Sushi (counting the fish as a healthy extra B - is this okay?)

Snacks: fruit, bag of Nik Naks 9.5 syns

Does this sound about right or are there extra syns with sushi? Was planning to stick to the plain nigiri - and avoid californian rolls which may have bits of mayo in.

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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Have you synned your bread, or are you having that as a HB too?..you dont appear to eat much fruit or veg either Hun...these are the things that help you stay full!
I couldnt find the syns for the sushi online for you, but would have syns in it..not sure how much fish you would need in order to make it a HB for a Green Day though.
Yes - I'll be counting the bread as HexB - and I'm aware I need to fill up on fruit and veg but I'm in dire need of a food shop! Tomorrow I'll hit the shops.

I don't think sushi must use much oil but I was thinking of adding 3 syns just in case???
Oh deary me... Intentions were good but managed to cause some syn damage this weekend! Friday syns totalled 35, and Saturday syns totalled 20. Can't blame anything but a lack of planning, and low will power!!!

Yesterday I got by on 1.5 syns, and today I'm trying to do similar to rectify some of the damage caused at the weekend. Weigh in tomorrow - and I'm DREADING IT.

So today's menu:
B: Grapes and 2 Babybel (Hex A)
L: Cous cous, with cucumber, spring onion, peppers and fat free dressing. With 3 bombay bhajis (green recipe book) with fat free raita. Free on green.
D: Chilli bean and veg cottage pie (topping is potatoe, suede and parsnip). Free on green.
Mullerlight and fruit if hungry throughout day.

Hi NewMe

I'm fairly new on here too, just wondered how the WI went

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