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Newbie diary - on green days

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by NewMe2009, 17 July 2009 Social URL.

  1. NewMe2009

    NewMe2009 Well-Known Member

    Hello all!
    I'd really appreciate your wisdom if you have time to read my diary as I am just getting my head around the whole Slimming World thing. I started on Tuesday 7 July, lost 1lb in my first week.
    My weigh ins are on Tuesday evenings.

    Green day:
    B: Muller light
    2 x wholemeal toast from 400g loaf
    2 laughing cow lights (from healthy extra A - leaving 3 to snack on later)

    L: Jacket potato, beans and salad

    D: Sushi (counting the fish as a healthy extra B - is this okay?)

    Snacks: fruit, bag of Nik Naks 9.5 syns

    Does this sound about right or are there extra syns with sushi? Was planning to stick to the plain nigiri - and avoid californian rolls which may have bits of mayo in.

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  3. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

    Have you synned your bread, or are you having that as a HB too?..you dont appear to eat much fruit or veg either Hun...these are the things that help you stay full!
    I couldnt find the syns for the sushi online for you, but would have syns in it..not sure how much fish you would need in order to make it a HB for a Green Day though.
  4. NewMe2009

    NewMe2009 Well-Known Member

    Yes - I'll be counting the bread as HexB - and I'm aware I need to fill up on fruit and veg but I'm in dire need of a food shop! Tomorrow I'll hit the shops.

    I don't think sushi must use much oil but I was thinking of adding 3 syns just in case???
  5. NewMe2009

    NewMe2009 Well-Known Member

    Oh deary me... Intentions were good but managed to cause some syn damage this weekend! Friday syns totalled 35, and Saturday syns totalled 20. Can't blame anything but a lack of planning, and low will power!!!

    Yesterday I got by on 1.5 syns, and today I'm trying to do similar to rectify some of the damage caused at the weekend. Weigh in tomorrow - and I'm DREADING IT.

    So today's menu:
    B: Grapes and 2 Babybel (Hex A)
    L: Cous cous, with cucumber, spring onion, peppers and fat free dressing. With 3 bombay bhajis (green recipe book) with fat free raita. Free on green.
    D: Chilli bean and veg cottage pie (topping is potatoe, suede and parsnip). Free on green.
    Mullerlight and fruit if hungry throughout day.

  6. hobbithead

    hobbithead Well-Known Member

    Hi NewMe

    I'm fairly new on here too, just wondered how the WI went

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