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Newbie e-VENT

Hi Everyone,

I'm new here on the site, have started my 4th week of LL on Monday. Despite following the program to the letter, and drinking between 4 and 6 litres of water a day, the scales haven't budged in two weeks.

I know that scientifically I'm 'losing weight' (or at least fat) since I'm not getting enough calories, and suspect I'm retaining water (my sticks are bright pink despite 4 litres), but it's REALLY TICKING ME OFF.

The 'Chatterbox' is desperate for me to believe that it's not working, so I might as well be eating, blah, blah, blah, but so far I'm fighting her off. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else on this diet, and if there are any secrets to shifting it? There is no way I can do more than six litres of water a day, I don't think. I'm floating from washroom to washroom as it is.
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Hi Kimmer - what has your LLC said about the scales not shifting? Any ideas as to why or advice from her? I've not heard about anyone not losing for 2 weeks so close to the beginning but it must have happened to others I guess.

You're doing great by sticking to the diet and ignoring that chatterbox - stay strong and do stick with it --- you'll probably find it all goes at once.
Maybe lower it to four. You only have to have four litres aday on the diet. You might be retaining the other 2!!
Thanks for your replies. Yes - the LLC said that 4 wasn't enough for me, as the stick was dark purple-pink, so I upped it to 6 for the past 5 days or so...still no difference though. Not to be crude, but the in:eek:ut ratio must definitely be off. I keep double-checking everything I'm doing to make sure I'm doing it correctly (so far, so good). I had never heard of anyone having plateaus early on, either, so I was wondering if anyone else had gotten 'stuck'. Perhaps I'm not fat. Perhaps I'm a sponge.
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I would suggest at your next weigh in day either get most of your water in early or after the weigh in - that much water could be having an affect on the scales - even if you are weeing for England!

Good luck, and good on ya for sticking to it. I reckon when it shifts you are going to have one massive loss!!!


Happily pro pointing!
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I had a problem one week where I had drunk too much prior to weigh in.
Now I try and get it in early and not drink too much in the afternoon.

Water weighs 2.2 lbs per litre, so you could be weighing that. I had only lost 1lb at the start of the meeting, she weighed me at the end at it had gone up to 3lb loss.
Chances are it will catch up with you.
Have you been measuring? You might notice inch loss.
Phew! :)

It's moved a bit! I was going by my own scales at home (I weigh first thing in the am, empty) and also at LL. Neither readings were showing any progress for the past couple of weeks. Happily, today I was down three pounds. YAY, what a relief!

Thanks to all that posted encouragement and suggestions. I probably have the patience today to make one of those ticker-things to add in my signature.


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