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newbie goal

Hi im new and need some help with goals please as i have to fill in my book for week 2.
I weigh 18 stone 4 odd and I'm 5ft 8 currently 22 top and 20 bot. What do you think i can achieve in my 100 days?
I reckon I was a slimish size 16 when i got married (a long time ago) and i looked slim and curvy.
I go away in August and could maybe use that as a goal. Any help gratefully recieved I dont hink a BMI goal would be right as that number doesnt mean much at the moment.
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Hi snowmum - people lose anywhere up to 5 stone in the 100 days and the loss in clothing sizes varies depending on height and build, it is possible to go down the 3 sizes though so you could be in a 16 in that time.

I can't really help you with that as I'm only 5ft1 and a bit so am nowhere near you height.

Other goals though that you'll meet are ones such as feeling fitter and healthier, able to do more etc ............ this diet is full of benefits to you - good luck!


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Welcome Snowmum

I agree, a BMI goal is not a good idea. But set yourself realistic goals - I think for women they say you should loose 3 stone in the 100 days - it's 3 stone for 8 weeks for men. So I would say aim for a stone lose by this time next month. If you lose more than that stone (and you could) that will give you the incentive to keep on.

One last piece of advice - don't cheat - it's not worth it.

Good luck
Welcome Snowman,

Good luck on your new and exciting journey. I agree if you aim for 3 stone, but you could possible lose a lot more;)

Good luck and dont forget we are all here to help.:)
Thanks everyone I am on day four today and not doing bad at all. No cheats or near cheats.:) Got through watching the kids eat their eggs and cooked a family meal today and quite enjoyed watching them eat!
Not hungry, so i presume I am in ketosis. I fancy this and that but am managing to talk myself out at the minute long may that last.


longs to be average!
Well done, you're past the hardest bit - the first 3 or 4 days are the worse.

You will fancy certain foods and have urges for things you wouldn't normally eat throughout the diet - as long as you don't give in you'll do really well. For me, my urges have gone from a Big Mac (I don't even like MacDonalds) through to roasted vegetables, and I'm not a huge veggie eater either. Apparently (so I was told by my LLC) as we go through the diet, the types of food we desire will revert back to those types of food we could get hold of when we were still cave dwellers, meat, veg and fruit.


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Hi SnowMum. I'm also 5' 8'' and I was a perfect size 16 when I got to 13st 12lbs. That was when I could go into any shop and zip up 16 jeans without the hint of a muffin top. Don't know if this helps your goal planning a bit!

Size 14 was acheived at about 12st 2lbs.

Good luck with your LL journey, let us all know how you are getting on. It's a fantastic diet you will soon see the weight just falling off!
Thanks everyone i like the caveman idea of craving what the ancestors had!
Kate thanks for that info as i couldnt remember what i weighed when i was a size 16 so that does help with goal setting. I like the idea of any pair of 16 jeans fitting with no muffin peeping over! I'll definitely keep posting.Dont seem to have lost much so far this week but will see on thursday.
Apparently (so I was told by my LLC) as we go through the diet, the types of food we desire will revert back to those types of food we could get hold of when we were still cave dwellers, meat, veg and fruit.
I agree with that Corey.

Our pallettes have been cleansed. Sterilised even!! I have found I am craving all healthy things - no junk. If I had my choice right now - and someone offered me a plate of chipsand cheese, or a plate of tomatoes, cucumber, and a bit of rocket - I would be face down in the veggie plate with a snorkle on! Broccoli - I long for broccoli. Fish, chicken. All good healthy things!! Its quite remarkable really.

The things I lived on - cheese, nachos, jacket potatoes with stuff, pizza, chocolate - you know the list - sure, they still hold a certain appeal - and probably always will to a degree - however is someone offered me them or a nice fresh salad and steamed fish, thats where I would go! And that surprised me about this diet - I thought they would be all I thought about.

I hope hope HOPE that stays the course in the future. I think we are now craving what our body tells us we need. Not what our heads tell us we want.


longs to be average!
I wonder though if it is that we are now craving salads etc, because we know what eating the other stuff did to us? And knowing that Salads will do us no harm (well unless it is swimming in a fatty dressing)
hmmm, well for me, it really does feel more like what I "need" nutitionally speaking. Some days I crave protein, others veg, others fruit, sometimes any combintaion of them. It just feels more like my body's natural cravings, for what it needs at that time, if that makes sense?

I like to think of it that way anywa - makes me feel healthy in mind. :D


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Snowmum to give you an idea of sizes, I was a 22 all over when I started (weighed around 17 stone) I am now on week 11 and have lost 3 stone 8 and am a 14 on the top and a 16 on the bottom, think hopefully by the end of the 100 days may have made it to a 14 on the bottom too. If that gives you any idea. But my advice would be go for something you see as achievable and any extra is a huge bonus, but don't be too scared, this diet does amazing things!! Good luck!

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