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Newbie 'going it alone'

Hi all,

After much debate in my mind I have decided to retry Slimming World. I joined in Nov 08 and lost a stone but then christmas happened, and this, and that and you know how it goes. I never got my head round it once i'd lost the plot a bit.

Anyway my best friend has just got engaged and i'm going to be a bridesmaid. I want to lose about 10stone and have 2 years before she gets married. She's a complete inspiration to me, she originally joined SW with me and lost 6st very quickly and has still kept it off.

I wish I could afford to go back to group but i don't have the money. Problem is i can lack will power sometimes and need to find some inner strength to keep me motivated.

I look forward to getting to know you all more.

Anybody have any tips on low syn chocolate/sugar fixes for during the day. I need something to replace the work biscuit tin!

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Before I started SW I used to need the sugar fix but I didn't have syns for the first few weeks of being on the plan, I found that the natural sugars in fruits are now all I need - one of the biggest differences I've noticed is that I sleep much better at night because I'm having much less sugar (Coca Cola was my sugar fix before I started.)

I think SW has changed quite a bit since November 2008 (I don't know precisely when EE was introduced but I think it was after that) - It might be worth discussing it with a doctor, since they can opt to allow you to attend SW for free for 12 weeks, this should be enough time to get you up to speed with the current plans.

I'm sure the members of this forum will also do a lot to help motivate you and keep you going too...
Hi Rainstar,

I have a VERY sweet tooth, which has proved a bit of a problem whilst on SW, as I have had to find something to stem my hunger for sweet foods.

I work in an office all day working on a telephone helpdesk. I have a constant supply of Wrigley Extra mints, which work out at 5 for 0.5 a syn. The same with Extra Chewing Gum, they are 4 pellets for 0.5 syns.

I also stock up the office fridge with Muller Light yoghurts.

They currently do a Vanilla/Choc and Orange/Choc, which are totally addictive and are free of syns. There is also a Cherry/Choc, which is 2 syns per pot, so try and stay clear of that. Failing that the rest of the Muller Light range is free of syns (correct me if I'm wrong please!)

There are companies who deliver fruit boxes each week, and you can choose the sorts of fruit you want in the boxes. Example of one is Riverford.co.uk who deliver organic fruit and veg.

Obviously those are just the ways I go about sorting out my sweet tooth addiction, I'm sure the guys on here could give you some better advice.

Good luck on your journey! :)
Thankyou both for your replies :)
Before I left they had introduced EE so I have the books and understand the concept (I think, hehe)
I went to see my doctor for a referral and they wouldn’t offer me anything. They said that because I was not diabetic I am not eligible for weight loss club vouchers or free gym passes :( It really annoys me that I’m never offered any help when I ask for it yet they blame all my health problems on my weight. Doesn’t make sense to me!
Thanks for the sugar suggestions I think fruit, yoghurt and mints are definitely the way to go. I think if I can get through the first few weeks without all the chocolate and indulgent foods then I will fine :)
Really looking forward to starting tomorrow. Just doing a bit of meal planning :)
Hi! Hartley's sugar free jellys are 0.5 syn each, Mikados chocs are also 0.5 syn each - I find the jelly's really help with a sweet fix :)

good luck
The inspired cheesecake muller lights have syn values aswell as the cherry one.......a mistake I made at the beginning!
Also - Pink & White's are 2.5 syns and the jammie ones are 3 syns - and both are YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! (if you like marshmallow in wafers!)
Hi rainstar,
Welcome and good luck on your journey. I am also a newbie going it alone simply because there is not a slimming world class here in orkney. Try looking through other members food diarys. I was a bit lost at the start of the week but seeing what other people were eating helped me plan my meals. The people on here all seem very nice and offer good support. Will watch your progress.
Donna x
Hi Rainstar, I too am going it alone and need to lose about 10 stone. I don't have a SW near me so had to photocopy a work colleagues books. I've found this site invaluable as I have got so many tips from everyone elses posts. Good luck xx

I'm also going it alone - but it doesn't feel like I'm alone thatnks to the wonderful peeps on this site.

I also have to lose 10 stone - I have set my intial target for just under 8 stone, but I know eventually I'll need to lose another couple of stone (I chose my initial target as it just gets me into the overweight category on the BMI chart but eventually I want to have a healthy BMI).

I am also doing EE - my weight loss is steady, rather than spectactular, but it IS going down steadily. I originally hoped to lose fifty pounds by Christmas but as I have lost over 40 already I think I might aim for 60 pounds :D:D:D.

You can do this and you're not alone - you have just joined the biggest SW club - this site - where there are loads of support and plenty of knowledgable people to answer your questions. Good luck with your weight loss journey.


Now to maintain.....
hiya and welcome to this fab site!
i think if you are disciplined then you could do it alone and with the use of this site however...
i would highly recommend joining and going to that first class to get the up to date joining pack and basic books.

just out of interest though....you say you want to go to class but cant afford it....surely the money you are not spending on 'crap' would allow you to afford the £5 to go to class if you want too??
i dont mean to be out of order saying that...its what i said for well over a year before i joined...that i couldnt afford it....yet when i was totally honest with myself i was spending far in excess of that weekly class fee on chocolate,crisps etc.


Yummy Mummy! xx
Hiya and welcome :welcome2:

Good luck on your SW journey, there is ALWAYS someone on here to answer a query, share ideas with, laugh with, moan too and generally have a good natter!

Like other have said I would DEFIANLTY recommened going to 1 class and getting all the books you need. I know you said financies are tight but I think SW is half price membership at the moment and for 1 week to get ALL the information would be great and would give you a big head start with your journey as you would have all the correct information to hand.

Hi Im also going it alone - ive joined slimming world before and it worked for me but dont have time to go to classes etc. this site was amazing help the last time. so best of luck to all of us going it alone!!
i also recently gave up smoking so i have now developed a sweet tooth altjoug my biggest downfall is crisps and bread

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi and welcome!
Yes, you can do it alone, as long as you believe that you can. Dont go thinking before you start that you are going to fail it like you have done before, as this is a sure way that you will!
I lost 6.5 stones doing SW plan on my own before I could attend a class and now Im 9 stone lighter. If I can do it, anyone can and there is no one that loves their food more than I do!

Good luck with your journey and every one on here is fantastic!

Thankyou all for your responses. Its great to hear so many success stories and suggestions.

The age old money issue, to afford or not to afford. Unfortunately at the moment lack of money is as serious as walking into a supermarket with a pot of pennies (thankgoodness for the coinstar machines).

However I am going to scrutinize my finances and see whether I can afford to return to classes and I will definately go to at least one to get all the books, bring on payday :)
Welcome to the forum :) I go it alone, but I have got last years starter pack (very kindly donated by a friend), which really helped. Also have this forum and 2 very supportive friends who also do SW.
I think you can do it :D I never thought I would be able to stick to it, but I have and I absolutely love SW.x
just out of interest though....you say you want to go to class but cant afford it....surely the money you are not spending on 'crap' would allow you to afford the £5 to go to class if you want too??
i dont mean to be out of order saying that...its what i said for well over a year before i joined...that i couldnt afford it....yet when i was totally honest with myself i was spending far in excess of that weekly class fee on chocolate,crisps etc.
I know I used to spend more than a fiver a week on rubbish - always popping to the corner shop for some chocolate and crisps! So it's maybe worth a think. I know a public weigh in really focusses the mind! Plus any extra expense on buying a reliable set of bathroom scales if you haven't a set already. Mind you, maybe this is not the time if you've resorted to the pennies jar ;).

Good luck with whatever you choose - we are always here to cheer at your losses, weep for your gains and answer any queries you may have. So a big welcome to the board!:D

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