newbie help advice which plan??


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hi, i have been very inspired about everyones success stories, and i defo want too embark on a plan, im thinking cd, or lipotrim.
i have a lot of weight too loose 10st plus,:cry: but my questions are..
cost, im a single mum, i gather cd is the cheapest .
whats the fastest is there a difference in loss/calories between cd and lipotrim?

also.. yes i know im vain but hair loss
i have very long waist length curly hair
which i DONT want too loose, my hair is curly so it looks thick but its not, the curls just make it look that way.
so any help advice. thanks for reading this, and good luck too everyone
xx mushroom :confused:

oh ps... i have two children, how does everyone find cooking meals for others?? having food in the house, and demanding children wanting yummy stuff..
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Hi I started cd ss+ this week on tuesday. Think the costs are about what you'd spend on food. Not found many people who've had hair loss, think its part and parcel of vlcd's. Cooking for the kids is a nightmare and as for yummy stuff in the house, well I do the shopping so they not getting any lol trying to cook them healthy meals that don't smell to yummy for me he he and I don't eat with them or let them eat in front of me, every one says it gets easier, but not hungry anyway. hope this helps


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I'm on Cambridge now but have previously done lighterlife.
The cost and variety of Cambridge is so much better. The choices of packs, bars, soups, and porridge is great and will really stop you getting bored. I'm not to sure about Lipotrim but i don't think the choice is as wide.
You say you have lots to lose but once you get started you will see a big difference in no time,
I had a lot of hair loss on Lighterlife but think it can depend on the person, think a lot of very low calorie diets can have this as a side effect. But it doesn't affect everyone (it didn't take long to grow back after)
Good luck with whatever VLCD you choose.

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I did sole source before on CD and did experience hair loss. I didn't realise it was as common as it is and freaked somewhat! lol I must admit I was stupid enough to go back to 'trying to be good'.. yes we all know that fails and now I've gained back almost all that I lost.

BUT.. it does work, is achieveable and you honestly get used to not eating. :)

I'm starting back on thursday and have been doing slim fast for the last week to make myself be good! lol I must say I have been surprised how much their shakes have come on since I last had one (donkey years ago) but it's not as 'complete' as CD.


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thanks every one, i have started optislim why..
because its cheaper here in ireland, 60 for cd, and 65 for l/t is too much, its the same thing really apart from they say you only replace 2 meals.. its 48 a week.. so i thought cool 2 200cal shakes and i will replace breakfast with a 80 cal cereal bar.. 480 cal input..

just had a creme caramel shake, and its taste ok!!!
then i had water with fibreclear.. wow that fills up right up!!! lol


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I am on W8 and it only costs £49 per week. That is your whole 4 packs a day. If you don't have a local rep you can order on the internet, and it's not just shakes and soups there is a spag bol pack and chicken noodles too. Lost a stone in my first week and not feeling hungry at all. Also if you would like to have a meal, one of the W8 plans includes a meal every day from an approved list of foods, so great for those who want to sit down with the kids and eat.

Definitely recommended


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Dear Mushroom,

You DO NOT need to get on those diets to lose weight. Think about this: are you going to do this for the rest of your life? I mean, those shakes, cereal bars, soups, etc.? I bet you would not like to. Wouldn`t you like to prepare the meals for your kids and eat together at home?

You can lose weight naturally - and I can give you a hand, if you wish. I have lost over 50 Lbs, and I believe this works for everybody, and gives PERMANENT weight loss results.

Just think about it, and I hope we can figure this out.

Everybody can follow along!

To your weight loss success!