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  1. chocolatecat

    chocolatecat One day at a time :)

    OK, I have my first meeting/weigh in with my CDC on Friday evening. She seems very nice and down to earth and seems to have loads of tips for me :)

    I feel quite confident - can anyone tell me what to expect on my first meeting? CDC says she'll let me taste a few products before I buy them... :p

    I'm just a little nervous about what to expect :confused:

    Thanks in advance! x
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  3. Katycakes

    Katycakes Stubborn tortoise

    Great to see you on the CD threads Chocolatecat!!! Welcome... you will get lots of support here. Don't worry about meeting your CDC. They're all different, but yours sounds cool if she is happy to let you try before you buy!!! She will weigh & measure you & maybe take a photo, I didn't want a before pic myself, you don't have to do anything you don't want to! She'll give you the leaflets and talk you through the diet, and get you to fill out some forms... all painless, promise!
    Let us know how you get on...
  4. chocolatecat

    chocolatecat One day at a time :)

    Thanks Katycakes! That's helpful! :D

    Anyone else??

  5. Fatblaster

    Fatblaster Full Member

    Hi Chocolatecat, I have my first meeting with my CDC tomorrow morning, but for various reasons plan to start CD on Monday. Do you fancy helping each other through it? I have about 4 stones to lose and am feeling really positive and up for the challenge :)
  6. chocolatecat

    chocolatecat One day at a time :)

    Fatblaster that sounds fab!! I'm going to start on Saturday so that I have the support of my husband for the first 2 days whilst it's hardest before he goes back to work but after the first week we should both be feeling OK & similar! Yes, that sounds fab :)

    We can keep updating this thread to keep each other encouraged!

    Let me know how you get on tomorrow! yay!

  7. mum of 4 boys

    mum of 4 boys Collette

    There is room in our team if any one wants ?
  8. chocolatecat

    chocolatecat One day at a time :)

    hiya collette - how do i join? whats it all about?

    I know I'm gonna need all the support I can get on CD!

  9. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    Hi and Welcome! You sound like you have the key ingrediant to go with CD.. motivation! :D And minimins of course ;)

    I've had 2 CDC's and they vary greatly, first one measured every 2 weeks and always told me my BMI each weigh in.. current one doesn't do that at all. But generally it's the same, weigh, get your 'card marked' ;) and on the first meeting sorting out your paperwork / booklets to take away and going through the shake flavours etc. :)

    One thing I'd say, is be sure to get the book that explains all the plans.. that way you'll know exactly what you can and can't have on each 'step'. :)

    Good luck for Friday - feel free to jump into the challenges running :) Easter doesn't have long left, but it may help :) there is a dress size one too ;)
  10. mum of 4 boys

    mum of 4 boys Collette

    Teams are for support and for a bit of fun, each team(6 people ) enters a weekly team total of weight loss to see which team has lost the most weight . If you look for a Skinny Beatches thread and go to the last page you can join the team as there is a place free as one of our members has changed diet but is still coming on to chat etc . Just introduce yourself x See you there . P.s FatBlaster come and chat to if you want ?
  11. chocolatecat

    chocolatecat One day at a time :)

    Thanks girlies :) x
  12. Fatblaster

    Fatblaster Full Member

    Hi everyone, sorry I wasn't chatting because I couldn't find this thread again (doh!!) Anyway I'm here now :)

    I had my meeting with my CDC who also happens to be a friend which is great, not so great was my weight - 15 stones :( :( :( Anyway I am really determined and up for the challenge so hopefully it should be a good week ahead!

    Chocolatecat I've joined the April challenge, as April 1st will be day 2 of the diet for me it should be a good motivator to get me through the first month.
  13. chocolatecat

    chocolatecat One day at a time :)

    What's you height sweetie? I'm 15st 4 right now and 5'9! We're prob about the same really! Keep me posted on how you get on, I'll be posting here tonight to let you know how my meeting goes tonight :)

    What else happened at your meeting?

  14. mum of 4 boys

    mum of 4 boys Collette

    Hi Fatblaster - come and chat on the Skinny Beatchs thread if you fancy it ? Choclatecat is on there and she starts CD tomorrow . We will be there if you need any help ect x
  15. chocolatecat

    chocolatecat One day at a time :)

    ooh, FB, which sachets did you pick? Did you get to taste any?
  16. chocolatecat

    chocolatecat One day at a time :)

    yeah, do come over there!! The Skinny Beatches are eally supportive!
  17. mum of 4 boys

    mum of 4 boys Collette

    OOOh I was just talking about you !!! HI - you can tell me now what your having for tea tonight !!!
  18. mum of 4 boys

    mum of 4 boys Collette

    The good thing about moving to a small island is that there are no takeaways here so if I did want to cheat I would have to cook it myself !! Not just nip to KFC !!!
  19. chocolatecat

    chocolatecat One day at a time :)

    oooh lol!

    I think we'll be havin smoked haddock fishcakes or we'll have roast chicken and roast potatoes + veg...

    I hadn't really thought about it too much to be honest until you asked! Whatever happens I'll be having a cup of hot sweet milky tea and a plate of white toast and real butter before I go to bed tonight lol!!

    I've done well, not eaten much the last 2 days - had no carbs yet today, felt rubbish this morning but feel better now :) so hopefully tomorrow won't be so tough because I've cut down the carbs already!

    I treated myself to some really nice different coffees last night when I did the shop so I could have a nice treat!

    Thanks for asking :hug99:how you getting on today?

  20. chocolatecat

    chocolatecat One day at a time :)

    Thats true!! you lucky thing :character00254:I'm terrible with takeaways and living in the middle of a town full of students (therefore loads of takeaways) makes it so much harder!
  21. Fatblaster

    Fatblaster Full Member

    I will try and find the skinny beatches thread - I'm not very good at finding my way round this site lol!

    Chococat I'm 5ft 8 1/2 " so am starting off on four meals a day but will probably drop to 3 as I only just qualify for the four and it's quite expensive to have four a day!

    I don't like banana and didn't fancy the tomato soup so bascially have 1 or 2 of each flavour just to try.

    What happened at the meeting, well my CDC is actually a friend so we had a cup of tea ;) She talked me through the plans, weighed me, gave me loads of hints and tips and told me if I'm struggling to ring her and she will beat me round the head to keep me on the straight and narrow lol! There are a few mums at school who have done it and the weight is falling off them, one lady lost 6 stone and has kept it off for 3 years!!

    Can't wait for that first weigh in!! Let me know how you get on tonight

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