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Newbie in need of some inspiration!

Hi Im new to this site but I have been on the Lipotrim Diet for nearly 4 weeks! (19 pounds lost)! Its been quite easy to start with even though the water has been a bit hard going! But im finding it really tough now especially as my weight loss seems to be slowing and I havent touched any food (honest). Just wondered if there was anyone out there who can inspire me to keep going!
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My husband = My hero
Hiya lovely!

well done on your weight loss u must b so proud!!!

know what u mean about needing inspiration, and this is the best site for it!!!

why dont you join one of the teams? were racing each other first team to loose 25lb, then 50lb etc...

think a couple of people have fell off the wagon, so some teams would be made up for the extra member!!

keep going, and remember every pound you loose is one you will never have to loose again

Thanks maybe thats just the inspiration I'm looking for! If anyone needs another team player give us a shout!

Heres one for the ladies does anyone else find that your weight loss slows around that certain time of the month? lol


My husband = My hero
yep most deffinatly!! and i wana eat a wholeeeeeeeeeee factory of chocolate haha
I was cooking a roast dinner this evening for my family and I swear the meat was talking to me! The last couple of days I have been having more cravings than ever before! I thought this diet was quite easy up until now.
Your nearly 1/2 way to your target!

You have come this far and done so well, so don't dwell on the tough bits. Keep looking toward your target and congratulate yourself on your success so far. Well done.
Thanks just reading eveyones story on this site is inspirational. Guess I'm just missing the social aspect of eating and drinking!
Hello hunny and welcome to the forum. Wow, well done on your weight loss so far but i can certainly understand where ya are coming from especially with all of the temptations around but dont worry we are all in this together so we will whip ya back into shape in no time. Im afraid to say but im one of the ones that has slipped off the wagon but thankfully i have a goal in mind which I want to do this so badly for. So best advice is to set yourself mini goals and ya will do great. There is teams set up at the moment so ya have came at the greatest time ever, we look forward to hearing of your progress, take care
Thanks for the support I think I will set a few small goals to aim for that should keep me motivated!
Eh no! I know I should. I got a puppy last summer so taking him for long walks is what I should be doing but he doesn't like this cold weather anymore than I do! Would it make a real big difference to the weight loss or is that a stupid question lol
stick with this and the weight will continue to drop off you, keep it up!
Welcome and well done on your losses so far. Wow you are nearly halfway which is fab. As has been said set yourself mini goals (I had 25 but then I had a lot more than you to lose) and sometimes found I was achieving one a week or fortnight, which really kept me going. This forum also helped coz there is so much support and encouragement on here. I found that the losses really slowed down towards my target but then it did seem inevitable. Hang in there babe.

lipgirl - Team 5 needs you if you're interested! :)

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
:) Well done for you loss so far. You're nearly half way there! For inspiration and help stick on this site. Goodluck.XX

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
Just look at porgeous she looks fantastic and has kept the weight off. It can be done.XX
Thanks Rainbow Brite count me in! GO TEAM 5!


My husband = My hero
how u getting on lovely?? xx
Feel better today thanks. Have made some small goals to aim for and decided to exercise a bit more I feel determined. I get weighed tomorrow so fingers crossed!

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