Newbie just leaving the 26 stone zone...need some buddies to keep me going :)

Discussion in 'WeMITTS (We Mean It This Time)' started by MrsLisaMarie, 6 February 2012 Social URL.

  1. MrsLisaMarie

    MrsLisaMarie I'm a loser

    Hi I started this diet on 10/01/12 determined that 2012 is going to be my year!

    I've already lost 1 stone and only need to lose 3.5lbs to drop into the 25 stone zone :)

    Finding Slimming World is very much suited to me as I love fruit and veg and couldn't get my head around other diets I have really taken to this one.

    Any buddies who would like to join me in this journey to lose 6 stones in 2012 are very welcome...2 of my friends have already given up on the diet 3 weeks in and it's hard on your own sometimes.

    Lisa xx
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  3. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    Hi Lisa!
    Fantastic loss so far! Well done! I'm also doing SW and have got weigh in tonight (day early this week than usual)
    I haven't had massive losses but I'm getting there! Nearly 2 st gone since oct 11, but still need to lose 10 more stone. It's a long road, but we will all get there.

  4. JLStretton

    JLStretton Choose Life.

    Hello Lisa, you have done great so far, shame about your freinds losing interest and give up, don't be like them, you can do this just like all of us, we WILL get there in the end, come the end of the year your friends will all be jelous because you had the willpower to stay onboard.
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  5. pinkelle

    pinkelle I'm on a mission!!!

    Hi Lisa,


    I started SW back at the midlle of November at 27.2 having lost 2 stone myself just before joining.

    As of weigh in last Wednesday I was 24.12 and a half!! This has been the lowest I have been in years!!

    I am here if you still want a buddy?

  6. MrsLisaMarie

    MrsLisaMarie I'm a loser

    Yeah :) You've done amazingly! :)
  7. MrsLisaMarie

    MrsLisaMarie I'm a loser

    I lost 1 lb on Tuesday so only 2.5lbs til I am 26 and well on my way to the 25's :) x
  8. JLStretton

    JLStretton Choose Life.

    Well done on the loss, hope you have a good weekend :)
  9. pinkelle

    pinkelle I'm on a mission!!!

    I always get so excited when I go down into a new stone zone!!

    Not long for you now!!

  10. pinkelle

    pinkelle I'm on a mission!!!

    Oh and well done on your loss this week!!
  11. xRachaelx

    xRachaelx You only live once.

    Your doing fab! Dont let other people drag you down. Thats what happened to me in the past. As long as you stay focused on your goal youll keep yourself going.
    I love slimming world! Its so easy to follow its unbelievable! I cant believe how much you can eat and still loose weight! Ive been having really good weight losses too.
    I started a week earlier than you. I am hoping to loose 8 stone by christmas this year. A bit big for a goal but its do-able!
    Good luck on your journey. Keep up all your good work xx
  12. BlondeGem

    BlondeGem Gold Member

    Well done on your weight loss so far, that's fab! :D
  13. jayde1148

    jayde1148 Gold Member

    Well dobe on your losses so far hun! We will get there! X
  14. MrsLisaMarie

    MrsLisaMarie I'm a loser


    I lost 3.5lbs this week and I am now in the 25's :) I'm not getting comfy though...I want out of the 25's as soon as possible haha.

    2.5lbs would be nice next week for my next shiny sticker :)
  15. JLStretton

    JLStretton Choose Life.

    Congrats on the loss.
  16. Pipaluk

    Pipaluk I will be skinny!

    Well done on your loss this week, keep it up and you will get there in the end :) xx
  17. jayde1148

    jayde1148 Gold Member

    Well done! X
  18. BlondeGem

    BlondeGem Gold Member

    Yay well done! Fab :D
  19. pinkelle

    pinkelle I'm on a mission!!!

    you go!!! Well done!!
  20. JulesMc21

    JulesMc21 New Member

    Hi Lisa
    I hope you dont mind, but I added you, I'm looking at loosing another 5st ish, And Im gunna do it this year, Or at least the majority of it :)
    And Im also from Cheshire :)
  21. MrsLisaMarie

    MrsLisaMarie I'm a loser

    Of course I don't mind :) Well done on your loss so far! x
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