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  1. Mrsm79

    Mrsm79 Doing it this time!

    Hi everyone, I've been messing about on WW for the last 2 years, I lost 2 stone 3 so that's great but I can't seem to bust through the 11 stone barrier, I always fluctuate between 11.4 and bang on 11 so I'm giving JUDDD a go to see if it helps.

    I'm very sceptical about it and don't 'believe' it's going to work, but I think that's to save my self any disappointment if I fail however I've heard fantastic things about it so why not? Plus I have a habit of letting myself go hungry so down days SHOULD be ok:)

    I am still going to WI at weight watchers on a Monday, because I help out there and I hope to maintain one day on WW but if I get on ok with JUDDD I might change my mind:)

    I started my week yesterday with an UP day and this is how I'm planning my week

    Monday UP
    Tuesday DOWN
    Wednesday UP
    Thursday DOWN
    Friday UP
    Saturday UP
    Sunday DOWN

    I plan to do it like this because I feel I have portion control well and truly nailed and there's no way I could fast Friday and Saturday

    I'm doing 500 cals on a DD and 2000 cals on an UD

    Please subscribe to my diary and help me out:):):)
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  3. Mrsm79

    Mrsm79 Doing it this time!

    Diary for Monday UP


    WW mini chocolate roll


    WW sweet chilli chicken wrap
    Slim fast cheesy bites


    Cheese and ham Kiev
    Actifry chips
    Baked beans


    Chupa chips lolly

    1793/2000 cals
  4. Judddilicious

    Judddilicious Member

    Food looks great! Love kievs

  5. Mrsm79

    Mrsm79 Doing it this time!

    Diary for Tuesday Down day




    Chicken noodle soup
    Walkers french fries


    WW chilli

    491/500 cals
  6. BoS83

    BoS83 Gold Member

    Hey hon. Here to follow. Wud miss you too much otherwise. :)
    Good luck! :)

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  7. starkissedx

    starkissedx Gold Member

    Found you :) I'm on a down tomorrow!!! Xx
  8. Mrsm79

    Mrsm79 Doing it this time!

    Awwww thanks, I'll still follow you.
  9. Mrsm79

    Mrsm79 Doing it this time!

    I'm already looking forward to breakfast. I've got a blueberry bagel.
  10. Judddilicious

    Judddilicious Member

    Sounds yummy!
  11. ladybird777

    ladybird777 Silver Member

    Welcome to JUDDDing :) I was sceptical at first but have found it does work. I've lost 19lb on it since 6th January. I'm UD now cos I am doing 5 - 5 xx
  12. Atomic pink

    Atomic pink Gold Member

    Hi Mrsm, found your diary. Looks like you made really good use of your down day calories today :) And that blueberry bagel really does sound very good for breakfast tomorrow...

    Ladybird777 - thats a really really inspirational loss. I've been doing the 5:2 fasting diet for a week and had a 2.6lb loss the first week, I am desperate to believe that wasn't just a fluke and this could finally be the key to getting actual regular losses but still trying not to get my hopes up yet.
  13. Mrsm79

    Mrsm79 Doing it this time!

    Wow, that's a brilliant loss. I need to get regular losses again. I really don't understand the eating window 5-5 route, could you explain please?
  14. MrsLmc

    MrsLmc Gold Member

    Hiya Tracy, I missed you so I came alooking :D. Diary looks great so far xx
  15. ladybird777

    ladybird777 Silver Member

    I've lost the same in a month as I did in nearly 3 on SW. Although I ate more food on SW it was all boring low fat stuff and yucky quorn. At least with this plan we can eat normal food on UD. :) xx
  16. Claireanddanielson

    Claireanddanielson Silver Member

    Here to follow :) xx
  17. DeeOne

    DeeOne Full Member

    Hey MrsM, welcome to the juddd club, feel free to pick our brains...good luck :)
  18. marzipanda

    marzipanda Full Member

    I'm new to juddd! Well, not completely, seems I've kinda been doing it but not knowing it! I'm now going to actually do the plan! Good luck! I will be popping in a lot to keep me motivated!
  19. Mrsm79

    Mrsm79 Doing it this time!

    Oh I will be, thank you.
  20. Mrsm79

    Mrsm79 Doing it this time!

    I'm the same, so I thought I may as well give it a go. Do you have a diary?
  21. marzipanda

    marzipanda Full Member

    I have literally just started one, thought if I'm gonna do this I need something to put my meals and progress on.

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