Newbie please help.


Hello. I've just joined. I'd like to start WW at home to find the old me. There is no classes near me so I'm delighted to have found this forum for support.

Could someone one help me work out how many Points I'm allowed and explain in simple terms how pro points work, as I'm used to the old points many years ago. And if you have any tips that would be great.

My my height is 5'3 and weight is 12st 8lbs I'm 37 years old. Thank you very much.
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Hi, if you've joined online they'll be a box somewhere telling you what ur points are, no idea how to work them out lol. As far as I know propoints have replaced the old points so you get ur set amount of points a day then 49 weeklies as well. Or the filling a d healthy programme which is all set out online then you get 7 dailies


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Pro Points work calculating the amount of protein, carbs, fat and fibre in a weighed portion of something (so 100g of dried pasta is 10PP for example) and giving you a number of PP for daily use based on your weight, age and sex. These can't be carried over to the next day and it is recommended you eat all of them. Weekly PP can be carried over the week but not into the next, you can have some everyday or save them to eat at the weekend or a special event etc.

If you're an online subscriber it should all be there on the website, it's a fairly simple walk through and it explains the different approaches and types of recipes you might find helpful.