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Hi everyone.

I've tried Atkins in the past, but after 1-2 days I start craving carbs, I miss bread and potatoes etc.

My newbie question and apologies if it's a silly one. Is it just a case of sticking with it, getting through those first few days and it becomes easier? Will the carb cravings go? Or is this something I'll have to constantly battle?

Has anyone else been like this?..

Thanks for everyone or anyone who replies.
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You will get over the cravings takes about 3/4 days - just drink a sip or two of water every time you get one x

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Thanks for your reply, didn't know if it was just stick with it and it will go away or I'd be craving forever.

Going to give it another go and stick with it, least I know once I get through the craving it will be better.

Thanks again.


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Definitely they go away - i started beginning of jan and after first week felt great and no cravings since. They dont come back unless you cheat so also see the sticky thread on cheating. Good luck:)


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Cravings are normal art of it, I find I crave pizzas and bread and I don't even eat pizzas! Then if I cheat they come back, sometimes it's crisps I crave then...... They pass, just drink some coke zero or something that's a treat and it will help you through. X x

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