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  1. laurenphillips2012

    laurenphillips2012 Full Member

    iv just started a low carb diet today. not exactly following the atkins.but wanted some advice. this is what i ate today, does this sound ok.

    atkins bar and small handfull of seeds.

    tuna and lettice with mayo

    half pint of semi skimmed milk with coffees.

    handfull of pumkin seeds and a hand full of almond nuts.

    and two small lumps of cheese in between.

    does anyone know if i could eat donner kebab meat as a treat once a week without the pitta bread. and any ideas for some yummy evening snacks, as this is the time i find hard.
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  3. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    Hi Lauren - is there a specific amount of carbs you're trying to stay under?

    I'd advise you to stay away from Atkins bars if you can - the sugar alcohols in them are known to stall people. Read the post titled sugar alcohols and why Atkins bars are evil on here for more info.

    Semi skimmed milk is high carb because it contains lactase - milk sugar. Either switch to cream or use alpro unsweetened soya milk light as a very low carb alternative.

    Nuts aren't allowed on the early stage of Atkins which is why I ask how many carbs you're allowing yourself - nuts can be easy to overeat. Limit yourself to about 30g max per day and you shouldn't have a problem.
  4. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    You'd also probably do better eating 3 meals a day with less snacks but if you feel more comfortable with the snacks it's not a problem.

    Re kebabs: Shish but not donner ideally.

    Re evening snacks - have a look in the recipes forum and at the thread in here called meal ideas.
  5. laurenphillips2012

    laurenphillips2012 Full Member

    do i need to watch how many calories i am having though?
  6. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    As a general rule, the lower your carbs are the higher your calories can be. The more carbs that creep in via nuts and seeds etc the more you need to watch your cals. Scrummie gave you a good average range in her reply to your other post.

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