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Newbie (sort of)

Hi all, I'm looking for some inspiration on this my second journey on the lipotrim path. This is my second time on lipotrim. Today is the 1 year anniversary of me doing Lipotrim I started on 11-Oct-2010 and did it for 6 weeks losing going from 18st 7lbs to 15st 2lb a loss of 3st 5lbs I had never dieted before but got fed up of not feeling comfortable when looking at myself in the mirror and or not wanting to be in photos etc. I discovered this forum and gain great inspiration reading about other people’s experiences that were the same as mine, and that helped so much to keep me motivated, as I really felt like I was not alone.

I was/am still pretty active and still played sport at least twice a week but was eating all the wrong things. After losing the weight I felt pretty pleased with myself, but I was really scared when it became time to start eating again as I had heard all the horror stories of people putting the weight back on and more. My weight began to creep up and with every lb I despaired. I set myself trigger points and if I hit them I tried to watch more carefully what I was eating. I tried several times to start Lipotrim again but just couldn't bring myself to go through the mental barrier and wouldn't last a day I kept kidding myself that I could still achieve weight loss with two shakes and a meal, but I guess wasn't strict and a the weight crept up.

I went back up to 16st 4lb and at that stage realised that I would have to go TFR again at some stage soon. Today I am 17st 1lb and have been stable at that weight for 4 months; I'm one year on from when I started which means I have managed to keep off 1st 6lbs over the year. I have decided to return to TFR today as it is a significant day. I also decided to register on the forum and try to share my experience, also maybe give some support to others as I have had great inspiration reading others posts over the last year without really contributing. I hope I can be as successful this time around. I just didn't want to be part of the statistic that gained all the weight back and more, that would've been devastating for me. I would like to lose a 3 more stones and then maintain that weight the way I have maintained my current weight.

I wonder are there anymore people out ther who lost weight successfully with Lipotrim but gained some back then returned to TFR?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and good luck to all. :)
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On a mission!
Hi and welcome to you Kolacube! Well done for deciding to do this once and for all. At least you know you CAN do it as you've been there done that! I for one had been on a lose-gain lose-gain path of destruction for ages and couldn't see an end to it until I decided to try Lipotrim. It totally changes your attitude towards food and helps you break all those bad habits with a "cold turkey" style plan. It's been such an eye-opener for me anyway. I used & abused food at every opportunity to deal with stress & emotions.
If you REALLY set your mind to it again you CAN achieve your targets and re-educate yourself about food thus keeping your weight stable for good. I wish you the best on your journey. You'll get all the support you need on here, there's no doubt about that!

x S
Hi and welcome back. Well done for your weight loss, but I was wondering, were you eating badly to put some of your weight back, im just thinking of when i come off it and nervous about putting the weight back on.
Hey hun I lost 3.5 stone on LT 4 years ago and a further stone through maintainance and kept it of for 3 years. For various reasons I ended up gaining nearly 2.5 stone in less than 6 months and tried to lose it the traditional method but life just kept getting in the way!! lol! So I decidd to do TFR agian after a long time thinking it through.

You aren't alone and well done for coming back!!


Determind dieter :D
Hiya kolacube...yup I managed to lose 3st first time round ...but gained it all back with a few extra lbs :(
Last time round I hadn't found this site and hadn't gotten the support to achieve my goal. This time is totally different and I WILL get there!

Good Luck honey x x x
Hi and welcome back. Well done for your weight loss, but I was wondering, were you eating badly to put some of your weight back, im just thinking of when i come off it and nervous about putting the weight back on.
I think I was guilty of complacency I felt I’d achieved something great when I’d reached refeeding, and so didn’t watch what I was eating as carefully as I should’ve.
I didn't grasp the concept that I had entered a new phase rather than reached an end point.
I wasn’t pigging out but I eventually worked out that my portions were too big and my carbs ratio was too large compared to proteins etc once I realised this I was able to stop the slow increase in weight and was able to control my weight within a couple of lbs up and down day to day.
I’m confident I’ve got it right now but need to lose 2.5 to 3 stone then work on maintaining that weight.
It’s going to be hard but the replies I’ve had on this forum have given me such a lift, I can’t explain, it really helps to know there are people out there who will take the time to offer each other (and me) support.
Thanks again to all.
I’ll let you know how I’m getting on.


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Hi Kolacube,

I lost 4stone 5lbs and have put 2stone 10lbs back on in about 2.5 years. I didn't refeed properly which was my biggest mistake. I can maintain day to day but extraordinary events mess me up. Holidays away and big nights out mean I put on lbs and then I can't lose them.

I've tried to do it slowly and sensibly but my good intentions never last. Lipotrim is the only diet that I have succeeded in getting to a healthy weight on. So I'm back for another shot but going for Exante this time. Having said that I've tried to restart a few times before! But determined this time as I want to go wedding dress shopping in the new year.

All the best for your restart.



No longer "Overweight" !
Hi Kolacube!
Nice to see you on here... hope you'll get lots more support and inspiration. :)

Sounds like you've figured out a good maintaining lifestyle, so that's really encouraging! I've just done a month's feeding in the middle of my tfr and I agree - cutting down on carbs really seems to have made the difference for me...

So glad you've found the final push you needed to start again.

Best of luck,
Marianne x
i lost 3 st first time round and gained 6 st!! that was over a few year and during having a baby (4 stone gain) but i got lazy and ate crap for ages but now im adament to lose this weight. ive lost 4 st 6 all together, 3 st 2 of that in the past 9 weeks on lipotrim. good luck hope it goes well for you xx
In to day 4 today, was physically weak on day 2 but feeling stronger today.

Guess it was my body trying to get into Ketosis.

My weight in day is Tuesday, the weekend will be a the real test because work day routine helps but weekends are too full of sitting around time which can seriously test your mental resolve.

There are no hunger pangs but the habit of eating something is what needs to be fought.

I'm hanging in there lol.


On a mission!
Well done for sticking with it hun! It only gets easier from here!

x S


Determind dieter :D
Hows it going Kolacube?? Hope your doing ok and good luck at WI x x x
Hows it going Kolacube?? Hope your doing ok and good luck at WI x x x
Thanks Trueleame,

Had my weigh-in today lost 9lbs I know its only week 1 but it feels like a real acheivement, cos it's not been easy.

This forum really really helps and your message is much appreciated.

I feel like i'm in the habit now especially after the first weigh-in, I now go into week two with renewed vigor ha! ha!

peach pip

Nothing but Fuzz!
well done kolacube job well done!

weigh ins for me are a great boost! just spurs me on to the next! keep it up hun you are doing really well xx


Determind dieter :D
Woohoo well done kolacube :D ...gives you a real buzz doesn't it when you have losses like that ;) x x x


No longer "Overweight" !
Wow! 9lb is brilliant! Well done - the losses will probably be less from now on (which I'm sure you know) but the day-to-day stuff should get a bit easier too... :)

Roll on week two!

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