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Newbie/Started 6/6/11

Hi all

having lost a lot of weight before on numerous diets, Lighterlife, lipotrim, slimfast and the list goes on and on and gained most of it back :cry:, i decided to go to my doctor for help and he suggested xenical. He explained that i would have to follow a healthier low fat diet but the results are very positive. Having shunned pills before i was a little dubious but I'm open to any help offered to me.
I've read a lot of the posts here and most seem to be quite happy with xenical and also it's not a bad thing to re-educate your eating habits as well :).
The only down side that i have read is the toilet troubles but at the moment all's well in that department.
Going to have a sneaky weigh-in in the morning so will keep you posted.

Mandy ;)
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I will do this!
good luck Mandy, I lost my weight with LL last year, but put most back on with my pregnancy so on xenical now to try and lose it. I've just started this week too and now issues with the toilet department, I think as long as you stick to the 5% rule you should be fine! We've done it before, we can do it again and I feel this way will help me remember all I learnt on LL RTM and help me keep this weight off for good!
Thanks Gemma for your reply. Good luck with your journey too. I'm definately learning my lesson. I worked so hard to lose 8 stone and have put 6 stone back on over two years.
I did my mini weigh-in this morning and i've lost 7lbs!!!!!!!! already. I'm well chuffed.
How are you doing today Gemma?



I will do this!
Hi Mandy, I'm doing really well so far, no huge losses, but didn't expect that. It's only been 6 weeks since I had my baby so guessing my body is still adjusting! I am enjoying eating healthily and using my fitness pal app to keep me on track and logging all the food I eat. I'm planning on joining the gym next week, I figure I need to make time for it while I'm on maternity leave, I go back to work in September and want to have lost a lot of this weight before then!

How's things with you today?
Congratulations on your new arrival :clap:. I'm sure your doing great.
I'm so determined to see this through, I know that the weightloss will slow down but at least I can eat unlike when I was on Lighterlife.
I've got a few social engagements over the next few weeks so being able to eat but choosing wisely is a bonus to me.

Mandy :D
Hi i found your thread!! Hope your having a good weekend. And once you make the right choice you will have no toilet problems, the only things to be aware of is salmon as the tablets cant tell the difference between good and bad fats, some have had problem but i have never tried it!! Also some have problems with eggs, but i have been fine so far!!

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
hiya Mandy and good luck with the pills hun.

i have been on them for 14 weeks now , have stuck to the 5g fat rule and haven't had any bad times yet ;)

these pills have been just the business for me - like a gun to my head - be bad and you'll be sorry :eek: :flirt2:

keep posting and let us know how well you are doing :eek:
Thanks for the advice. I'm grateful for any help.

I do have a question though......The 5gm rule, is that per 100gms or the entire meal, as my doctor was a bit vague on this?

I have been sticking to the very low fat and fat free versions of everything in my diet but yesterday I did have a case of the runs and the orange liquid in the loo.......apologies if it's a bit graphic!!! Is this normal from time to time, I can cope with it because the weight is just dropping off at the moment and this is the easiest way I have found to shift the excess.


mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
yes it's 5g per hundred. lots of these ready meals are putting total for 1/2 pack so be sure to read it properly.

you must have ate something with too much fat content yesterday - try to think what it was and avoid it in future hun :eek:

reading the labels has really opened my eyes to how much fat is in prepared food, sauces etc.

no wonder everybody is putting on weight, the makers are putting way too much in the foods!!!

butter was a baddy for me - haven't had any since i started the diet :D:D
Thanks Mrs a.
Come to think of it I had a scraping of flora on 2 ryvitas yesterday and it's the first time I've had any sort of butter/marg since I started.
I suppose it's just trial and error for the first few weeks. I'll get to know which foods to avoid.


mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
Thanks Mrs a.

I suppose it's just trial and error for the first few weeks. I'll get to know which foods to avoid.

you sure will :eek:

i lived on yoghurts and wheaties for the first 2 weeks -frightened to eat anything :rolleyes:

i use a bit of low fat mayo instead of butter now - or i mix mayo and onion relish together if i need something tasty - looks hellish but tastes yummy :D
I'll give the mayo a try instead. I'm not too sure about the relish and mayo lol. I used to mix garden peas with baked beans and eat that not so long since, so who am I to judge lol.

ooh peas and beans :/ not something i would eat lol bit windy too :eek:

I use laughing cow cheese spread alot, too much i think lol i also use mayo alot or onion relish.

Like you said alot off stuf is trial and error, whats ok for one might not be for another
I like the Laughing Cow cheese triangles, extra light of course!!

Well tomorrow is the first official weigh-in. Really looking forward to it. I'd lost 7lbs mid week so hoping for 1 or 2 more, but will still be happy with 7.

Mandy x
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OMG.....another 5lbs off, that makes a total of 12lbs this week.

If i'm honest the scales say a stone off but i'd rather air on the side of caution as i want to use the docs weigh-in at the end of the month as the true weigh-in.

I'm so thrilled and wished i'd asked for xenical earlier. The most weight i have managed to lose in the first week was 7lbs even on Lighterlife.
I know that the majority of the loss could be water but I don't care, i'm almost in the teens again!!!! Yippee!!


mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
wow !!! well done hun xx
Thanks girls, still can't believe it myself!
I'm expecting a small loss this week it's my daughters 21st birthday tomorrow and we are going out for a meal. I will choose carefully though and take my pill with me. That should keep me on the straight and narrow.



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Well done, and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say can't wait for your official Dr weigh in

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