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  1. bec2804

    bec2804 New Member

    Hi everyone, just wanted to say hello.... My shakes arrived Friday so I've just had my last weekend of freedom before I start tomorrow, eeeek! Want to lose 2-3 stone, I'll see how I feel as I go along. I haven't told anyone I'm doing this as I have found a few people can be negative about vlcds so this will be my only sounding board haha... Love reading all the success stories x
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  3. I'm starting today too and havent told anyone, alot of people in my office have a massive issue with VLCDS. Hoping for a big first week! Good luck x
  4. bec2804

    bec2804 New Member

    Good luck to you too!!! I'll keep an eye out for how you're getting on xx
  5. Rosey38

    Rosey38 Full Member

    Hope it goes well for you both, I'm just over a week in. I've just told a few close friends and family in last few days who have been really supportive. I work with lots of opinionated people so not up for all the earache at this stage!
  6. susysu

    susysu Full Member

    hi, welcome :)
  7. sylar1986

    sylar1986 Full Member

    How are you finding it so far? i'm just over a week in now myself, had a headache around day 3 when going into ketosis but feel fine now :), good luck on your first week! :)
  8. TAUPE

    TAUPE Full Member

    Good luck on your journeys. Don't worry about the negative comments from others about VLCDs. It is your journey not theirs. It is your body and you are doing it for the right reasons. People have an opinion about everything. I am in week 8 and just take it day by day.
  9. Made it through day 1 #BabySteps
  10. Calabria

    Calabria Full Member

    Well done! One day at a time is how I'm going to look at it, although as I'm on day one - one hour at a time currently!

    The women in my office are really outspoken about VLCD's, especially since they've decided that it must have been a VLCD that killed Peaches Geldof *rolls eyes*, I didn't realise I worked with pathologists! ;)
  11. Denisesuzanne

    Denisesuzanne Full Member

    Good luck to you all its funny that nobody bats an eyelid at us when we are eating crap
  12. 00makaylaye

    00makaylaye New Member

    Hi guys! My first day on exante, I'm planning to lose this weight once and for all! Need to lose 3-4 stone.taking a day at a time : )
  13. mrs-m

    mrs-m Member

    Ain't that the truth! There are certain people that I'm just not prepared to tell that I'm doing this type of diet, as I just know they will have a negative opinion that they REALLY FEEL THE NEED TO SHARE WITH ME!!!!
  14. mrs-m

    mrs-m Member

    Sorry, also meant to say best of luck becs2804, hope it's going well for you.
  15. hows evweryone getting on now? I'm really struggling with the food I cant stomach any of it, the only things I can force myself to have is the bars & shakes so I'm going to stick to just them
  16. Calabria

    Calabria Full Member

    That's so true! When I sit in the office eating chocolate all day nobody says anything, maybe it's because they expect it from me because I'm fat? Still, I've just told people at work that I'm drinking protein shakes, thankfully they're quite popular with people in my office.
  17. Rayven1979

    Rayven1979 Member

    How's your first week going? Hope you're managing to stick with it without too much trauma. And don't worry about other peoples opinions, everyone seems to have an opinion but yours is the only one that really counts. xx
  18. bec2804

    bec2804 New Member

    Right well had a major setback to my starting day, which included my sister's 30th and son's 3rd birthday.... I'm not sure why I chose Monday to start! SO I'm now on day 2 and er, staaarving!!!!! Yesterday was ok actually, maybe the novelty got me through, but god today I could eat one of my children. I'm just sort of wandering round the house in a daze. And everyone around me is helpfully talking about Easter eggs and roast lamb etc. Gaaaaaaaa xxx well done to you guys who have got through this!! Xx
  19. Lara1986

    Lara1986 Gold Member

    I just started yesterday. I don't want to tell people at work because it just don't like people to know I'm trying to lose weight. But it means I will have to have a salad for lunch (lettuce, cucumber, anchovies, egg and maybe a few tomatoes only) the days I am in work (3 days a week). I would just have protein shakes but I know people will ask why I'm not eating anything!

    I can't think of any other way around it?!
  20. Denisesuzanne

    Denisesuzanne Full Member

    I take a soup pack but I also take chopped mushrooms spring onions and asparagus and add to the soup as croutons so nobody questions oh and it is yummy lol
  21. Lara1986

    Lara1986 Gold Member

    Not a bad idea. And that does sound lovely I might have that combo tonight actually!!

    I think my work people would still question it as they would pop to tesco whilst I'd pull out the exante pack!! I managed to say once that I was having shakes to up my protein and then I wasn't hungry at lunch but it just meant explaining that to so many different people that I stopped!!

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