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Newbie, think I'm doing it right?


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Originally posted under food diary, Where should newbies post? Sorry if I am not in the right place.
Hi everyone, new to this forum. It looks like a great place to get answers and some support. I was an old hand at red and green back in early 2000s and roughly stuck to the plans, even though I did a lot of exercise (ran 2 marathons, cycling, kung fu, swimming......) now less active as I coach more than take part (age and commitments to my kids, you know how it is with a car seat welded to your bum!).

Anyway, been a bit bamboozled by the extra easy, would like to shed about 12 pounds and have been stuck on 13'13 for 2 weeks. So time to get a food diary going and seek some advice.

Starting today, was going red or extra easy.

Breakfast: 2 eggs in fry light, 2 weight watchers wholemeal toast (400gm loaf danish type) 2 grilled toms, 2 thin rashers bacon all fat removed, 6 plums. 1 coffee with splash milk, 1 black coffee.

Lunch (unless advised otherwise) according to SW mag; Jacket pot with tuna sweetcorn, more plums (in season and free from orchard)

Dinner (unless advised otherwise): Morrisons Eat Smart Sausages, salad (lettuce , tom, cue red onion)
1.Should I have anything else with this?

2.What other things should I snack on?

I find when at work, green days are easier, I have access to Tesco, lunch e.g can get Quorn Peppered steak and Tesco Microwave basmati , lettuce, red onion , toms & lemon wedge, fruit or do a veg Stagg Chili and rice.... Bananas , apples, 1 muller light.

3.Could I go extra easy in the evening having had these type of meals?

Grateful for any advice
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