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Newbie to Liprotrim!! lost 105lbs on xenical =D.

hey everyone!
i went to the chemist today and got weighed . checked blah blah and brought my first weeks supply..

i'm very nervous and worried about all this and i hope ill be able to stick to it..

before i start it tomoz i wanted to ask you .. do you all recomend i do this? xx

i have lost 105lbs on xenical and its slowing right down i lost my motivation almost so im gunna try this and hope i get results x
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Hi pink i have red some of your posts in other parts of minimins
Welcome to LT it is hard it won't be easy but having lost so much i know your comited you will be fine and the losses are so quick it won't be for to long

debz x :)


Silver Member
you've lost so much.well done x
i'd say go for it hun.i didn't think i'd last on it but i'm still here.
you are clearly determined to lose weight and in the right frame of mind.you'll be fine.
when you get on the scales for your first weigh in you'll be so pleased you done it x
good luck x
Kiira, I was told to wait a few days between finishing the Xenical and starting the LT.

I think I left it about 3-4 days.

Good Luck!!

my doctor told me to start it tomoz .. i guess they are diff here i hope its the right advice.. chemist also said was fine lol.. ill see how i get on im sooo nervous..

thanks for your replys everyone :) xxx
its a adventure and im gunna get me that treasure :p

thankyou everyone... it will be nice to get to know you are .. im not used to being a newbie on here :p.. my xenical family are greta and ill miss them tons =[ lol x

101lbs is awesome! Look how much your BMI has dropped already!!!!! You are a star!

I tried Xenical and did lose a fair bit but when it slowed down I stopped and put it all on and more!!!!!!

LT is great and the LT family on here are nice too! They have kept me going with their support, encouragement and advice.

Good luck.



Positivity is the key
Hi Piink,
welcome and the best of luck for your start on LT. Congratulations on your weight loss so far, it's fantastic, well done. Wishing you all the best.
Hi Pink and welcome to LT! I'm a total convert!
The first week was pretty hard I've got to say- but it was also well worth it and not I'm really settled into it.
Good luck!!!

P.s- Incredible losses on xenical- well done!!

thankyou all muchly :)

just had a glass of skimmed milk my last treat .... dumm dmm deee roll on tomoz i want this show on the road ...

looking forward to chatting to you all more x
your loss is incredible! congratulations. when i was on xenical it didnt really work for me, or maybe i wasnt in the right frame of mind, but lipotrim is a god send!!

you are obviously the most determined dieter and so will be very sucessful with us!

thanks to both of you =D... and everyone else too.

well d-day has arrived im reluctant to have a shake until after 9.30ish lol the later the better i think i have tons of water and ice cubes in fridge/freezer lol.. so i think im ready..

kept waking up between 5am -6am ect so i think nerves are getting the best of me but hey ill be ok =D

i need to loose at least 4 stone .. any more is a bonus .. ideal weight is ten stone.. so in total thats 6 stone to go but ill be happy with 4 stone well anything is great lol x
start weight by chemist scales (that weigh me in more then my scales and doctors grrrrrr)

16 stone 5lbs.


Otherwise known as Jools
Welcome Piink - you have done so well with Xenical so that shows that you have the determination to succeed. Just remember to drink frequently (multiple trips to the little girls room too!!! lol) and keep focused which is not a problem for you it seems. Come and see us LT'ers regularly and soon you will be dropping lbs all over the place :D :D

You are an inspiration to the rest of us already with your fantastic losses.

Good Luck and most of all drink, drink and oh yes drink ;)
thanks for the advice i really am grateful :) thankyou so much.

im drinking my first shake now its vanilla :) i used my blender so its all frothy i love it lol. tastes okay actually i was expecting it to be yukkk lol..

i will drink 4 litres if i can lol. (water a day i mean not shakes haha)

anyone know how much cals a day we are having? x
wowzers lol..

thats a awlful lot :p jokeee ..

well i drunk my first drink and now drinking pint of water straight after lol..

i love this forum i really dont feel alone as much lol

thanks... i have noticed a lot of people hate the soup , i have 7 soups grrrr lol how do you cook them? kettle water? or heat in pan?

i sound so dumb lol x

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