Newbie to slimfast..can i join u all? :)

Discussion in 'SlimFast' started by frumpytosexy, 13 January 2009 Social URL.

  1. frumpytosexy

    frumpytosexy Taking the Scenic Route..

    Hi everyone!

    I started SF today..was supposed to start CD but the idea of not being able to eat a meal in the evenings worried me so decided to go for slimfast.

    I have roughly 4stone to lose, and ideally would love to lose this by June/July :)

    Would love to hear sucess stories from others, and words of wisdom ;)

    Goodluck to everyone on this, and i hope i can stick to this too xoxox
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  3. ugg

    ugg Needs a kick

    Hey welcome and good luck with your target. Join the January challenge and pledge an amount of weight you would like to lose before the end of January, it's a great motivational tool. Keep posting xx
  4. MamaCaz

    MamaCaz Full Member

    Hi and welcome frumpy!
    When are you starting SF?
    GL with it and my advice is to stick it out, the first few days can be hard but once you get used to it, you get used to it (if you know what I mean!:confused:)
    Let us know how you're doing:D:D:D
  5. Hi Frumpy!

    I have been on sf since 5th jan and have lost 11lbs! So it can be done.

    Have a look at the before and after photo thread - very inspirational!

    Good luck with your weightloss, and visit the forum often for support! :D
  6. frumpytosexy

    frumpytosexy Taking the Scenic Route..

    Hi ladies

    Thanks so much for all of your replys! I feel so inspired :)

    Im soo determined to do this! I just ate my dinner, had scrambled egg with mushrooms and sweetcorn. I know that sounds horrid lol but it wasnt! ;)

    Well done on your losses, and hopefully i will be postiing mine soon!

    What does your eating consist of throughout the day btw? I have a shake for breakfast (but with one scoop as i find it too rich) and a choc caramel snck bar for lunch, then a dinner with little or no carbs.

  7. frumpytosexy

    frumpytosexy Taking the Scenic Route..

    sorry mamacaz, i started today officially :) x
  8. Frumpy, you need to eat a little more i think.

    This is my day:

    9.30am Shake
    11.30am Slimfast snack or fruit
    1.30 Slimfast shake or smoothie
    3.30 Slimfast snack or fruit
    6.00 Low cal ready meal and low cal desert (600cals combined)
    8.30 Slimfast snack
  9. sacha

    sacha Banned

    Defo eat more... or ur body will just retain fat if its starved. We're all really positive on here and all motivated to be sexy and slim!! So good luck, I'm sure ul do it!
  10. Too Heavy Hannah

    Too Heavy Hannah Full Member

    Hi Frumpy :) Good luck! I have found this easy to get used to, not thought too much about food, very rare for me! I don't know how much i've lost yet. started last monday and first weigh in is tomorrow,kinda nervous about finding out if this week has done any good!!
  11. frumpytosexy

    frumpytosexy Taking the Scenic Route..

    Thanks again for your support hunnies :)
    Sam - i will eat more then...i thought i would lose more eating less lol, maybe i will have a yoghurt and fruit throughout the day?

    Do you ladies excercise also? I done a whole lap of Battersea park with my husband yesterday. Took me 40mins and wow i am unfit! :eek: lol I had to keep walking, i could only jog for about a minute at a time!! lol
    Off again in an hopefully if i keep it up my fitness with improve.

    Have a wonderful day ladies.
  12. Baronessvongogo

    Baronessvongogo Silver Member

    Im envious, i don't think i could have the confidence to actually go out and go jogging, all my exercise is done in my front room lol
  13. wilsjen

    wilsjen Member

    Hi Frumy!

    I started SF a week ago, and I am actually finding it ok, a bit tired and grumpy around 5pm but feel great once I have had my evening meal. I usually just have

    9am (ish) - Slimfast Smoothie or Shake
    1pm - Slim Fast Shake
    3.30pm Slimfast Snack Bar or SF cheese bites
    6.30pm ish - Low Calorie Meal

    It seems to be working fine, however, weekends are a bit tougher, and since I love a lie in, only had one shake both days, but added ice and half a banana and made a smoothie! It works brilliantly, and makes you feel so much fuller! You should prob eat a bit more than you have been, or you will make yourself feel ill, then sicken yourself from the diet and not want to continue! Set a January Challenge, mine is 8llbs, 5llbs down and 3llbs to go! :)
  14. sacha

    sacha Banned

    On the side of the shake bottles and on the website it says what u should be eating, and that'll give u the kcals and nutrients etc u need.. I do
    breakfast; cereal bar
    lunch; shake
    afternoon; snack bar of fruit
    dessert; low fat dessert or snack bar...

    Well done with the jogging! I hate jogging, I couldn't jog to the car lol!! I tried in the gym on the running machine but no matter what bra I wear my boobies get sore lol! They're too heavy! I do everything else at the gym tho, other than the running machine!

    Good luck everyone, hope uve all ahd a good day
  15. jennybeth79

    jennybeth79 Silver Member

    Well you need 800 cals a day just to regulate your body temp...
    If u have two SF products, 3 100 cal snacks and a meal 600 cals ...your having 1300 cals a day.
  16. Baronessvongogo

    Baronessvongogo Silver Member

    I think i may turn into a carrot if i keep using them as one of my snacks :S
  17. sacha

    sacha Banned

    I done an hr and half in the gym tues and thurs and fell over from cramp in my calf last night - it bloody killed lol!
  18. jennybeth79

    jennybeth79 Silver Member

    Oh well I have to admit if it turns out that Ive put weight on this week its coz Im eating far more than all of you Ive been having 2 SF products 3 snacks (100 cals) and 600 cal meal.... Thats what it says do on the shake bottles....
  19. sacha

    sacha Banned

    I'm doing the same and exercising. I dont want to make my body hold onto fat for fear im starving it tho...!!
  20. jennybeth79

    jennybeth79 Silver Member

    I lost 5lbs this week so Im guessing that splitting my 600 cal meal into two meals through the day is still working. YAY Lets see what this week does....
  21. Baronessvongogo

    Baronessvongogo Silver Member

    Iv been going to aquafit, but neglecting my wii fit :( so i'm slightly dreading the weigh in tonite, oh that and the fact that I had a bottle of red wine and too many lagers to count on saturday night :(

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