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Newbie to the site!...Am I doing SW right?...


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Hi all!!

I found this forum scanning the net and think its great everyone seems so supportive!!... Well...i started slimming world and was doing it for about 5weeks and lost 13lbs and then i quit it because to be honest, i didnt think much of the £5 to be weighed and to not get that much help at meetings so im back it again on my own. Luckly I havent gained anything since leaving!

I think ive kind of got the grasp. Im on extra easy but am i suppose to include red days and green days or can i stick to extra easy? Thats all ive been doing and it seems to have worked but Im not sure if im doing it right!! :confused:

So far this week ive had...

Monday -

Brekkie -
Handful of grapes and a chopped banana mixed with 28g bran flakes - Healthy extra - and 100g extra low fat flavoured yogurt - I put as 1 syn.

Snack - Apple & banana

Dinner -
100g baked beans with scrambled egg and slice of toast - healthy extra.

Snack - Some grapes and a apple.

Tea -
(Dry) Fine egg noodles cooked with a chicken oxo and a load of veg (peas, sweet corn, carrots) and a little garlic and 100g of diced lean chicken.

Tues - So far...

Brekkie -

Grapes and banana chopped and mixed with 100g yogurt (1syn)

Snack - Apple

Dinner - Planned...

Mixed salad - orange/red peppers, red cabbage, carrots, lettuace, onion, tomatoes, celery, cucumber and some lean diced chicken.

Tea - Planned... Same as Monday's.

(Dry) Fine egg noodles cooked with a chicken oxo and a load of veg (peas, sweet corn, carrots) and a little garlic and 100g of diced lean chicken.

Im starting back at the gym this week too, well tonight! So hopefully that will help to shift the lbs! I want to loose as much as possible before the end of nov as im going to Thailand for a month!! - Which I am looking forward to but a little worried food wise as I want to try stick to the plan!!

Any advice would be great!! :D
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You can do EE every day if it works for you. I think most people start that way now and then when the losses slow down or you fancy mixing it up a a bit, an idea is to have the odd red or green day. I have quite a lot of green days because I find them cheaper to cater for lol

Good luck with it, your menus look good so far - only one tiny thing to remember is that peas/sweetcorn don't count as superfree so you need to have a lot of carrots in there to make the 1/3!


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S: 14st7lb G: 10st7lb
Great thanks!! Well i love carrotts so ill chuck plenty more in!

Thats the thing i think i struggle with is the costs, i think i may swap about with green days, i just wasnt sure what was what, to be honest i found the sw meeting i went to wasnt that helpful it was more or less just people having a laugh so i felt a bit let down by it but im kind of boosted a bit for seeing the site! thanks again! :)

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